Thursday, October 29, 2009


We still have not scanned the ultrasound pictures. I have just been so busy with school and work there has just not been enough time. I got my Auburn shirt in the mail the other day after what turned out to be a huge ordeal. I am not 100% happy with the shirt, but haven't been able to find another maternity shirt. After putting it on and seeing just how big my belly looks in white, I decided that it was time to take some belly shots. Here are a few that I took myself. Also, I am posting the only two pictures we took of the big reveal.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's a boy!

We went to the doctor on Monday and found out that we are expecting a stubborn boy! The ultrasound was amazing. The tech started off by showing us his brain and skull. Then she moved to his heart and saw all 4 chambers. That was the best feeling since I don't think I have felt any movement yet. Next we saw the rest of his organs which all looked great! She then asked if we wanted to find out the sex. Well, duh, that's what we've been waiting for! Everybody kept telling me that it would be a girl since I wanted a boy so bad, but haha. I would have been happy with a girl, I really just wanted a healthy baby; but I'm not a big fan of big bows and smocked dresses and apparantly that's what all the little girls wear now. Just not my style. So as she's trying to find out what he is, he decided to sit indian style and the umbilical cord went in between his little legs. Of course, just our luck! So she starts to poke at him to try and get him to move and of course, he then got on all fours so you couldn't see. At this point we just knew it was a girl because the baby was being so stubborn. So after poking him for a little bit, he decided to roll over...on his back and go to sleep! Just our luck. Are you kidding me?! So the tech then got me to lay on my left side to try and wake him up. Nothing. It's definitely not true about caffeine. I drank a Starbucks frappucino around 11, Robert brought me another big one that I drank on the way, and I downed some orange juice and the little guy still went to sleep. So finally after poking at my belly for what seemed like forever, he finally gave up and just threw his legs in the air! It was then confirmed without a doubt, a boy! Of course we immediately asked what the difference between the umbilical cord and the boy part were and she showed us, so he definitely is a he! We are so excited, not only to have a healthy and what appears to be normally developing baby, but also a boy! My mom bought the furniture on Sunday and we loaded it into the house late Monday night. We will wait to put it together once the room is painted; which won't happen until we decide bedding which is where we are headed tomorrow. Still no names yet, we can't agree on anything. Every name is either too common or too "sissy", or taken.
I called all my friends who were off work and told them and texted all the friends that weren't. We made our families wait until that night to tell them. We didn't want to just tell them over the phone. So we went to Robbie and Martha's where my mom was babysitting Will and just showed them the video. My mom was so impatient, that's about as much of a suprise as we could do for her. For Robert's family, we made a cake and added blue food coloring to the mix. We iced it and wrote the words It's a.... When they cut into it, they saw the blue icing and his mom freaked out; in a good way! I go back to the doctor on November 2 for my glucose test which hopefully I will pass. Other than a little swelling in my feet and ankles, so far so good. The swelling is not related to my blood pressure since it's perfect. The doctor told me to cut back on the salt and prop my feet up to see if that would help. Nothing to be concerned about; it's more than likely the way the baby is sitting on one of my veins. I will post ultrasound pics once we get them scanned into the computer.
Here are a few pictures from our anniversary trip to Gatlinburg. We had a lot of fun even though it rained everyday.