Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Bryson had so much fun the whole month of October celebrating Halloween! He is now obsessed with the Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch movie, pumpkins, ghosts, and monsters. As much as he loves pumpkins, he had no interest in helping Robert carve one. We found some Sesame Street stencil's at Target and let Bryson choose which one he wanted. We thought he would have chosen Cookie Monster, but he chose Elmo. It actually turned out great! Aunt Lisa also painted a Plex the Robot pumpkin from Yo Gabba Gabba and Bryson loves it. He loves it so much that he tore up almost immediately while he was trying to play with it.

We had the hardest time finding Bryson a Halloween costume this year. We had a few ideas of what we wanted to dress him as, but they were all too big for him. (we were thinking Woody or Buzz since he is obsessed with them). Apparently if you are a toddler under size 2t, all the costumes are babyish little animals which is not Bryson's personality at all. After going to 2 Halloween stores (including Party City), we had almost given up. We got to the last store and they had a few cute things like a firefighter or a Marine; but then we saw it. The very last Elvis costume and it was in Bryson's size! Oh I got so excited, Robert, not so much, until we went to the dressing room and tried it on him. It was the cutest/funniest thing ever, so we bought it. Then we went on a mission to find him a microphone, since the store we bought the costume at didn't sell one. Of course we found one at Party City where they did not sell the Elvis costume. Once Robert drew sideburns on our little Elvis, his costume was complete.
 Our Halloween celebration got started by trick or treating at my aunt's house with Will. She loved seeing them in their costumes and they had a lot of fun!
We started out Halloween morning by going to the parade at his school. All the kids were so cute in their costumes but of course Bryson stole the show in his Elvis costume. I think it was because all the other kids were dressed in babyish animal costumes and then there was Elvis, the most awesome toddler costume ever! Bryson had so much fun walking around school getting treats at every classroom. We had a hard time getting him to leave!

After the parade, we went home and rested (well me and Robert took turns running errands so Bryson could take a nap) then we got him dressed again to go trick or treating at Publix. I had always heard about people taking their kids their and really wanted to check it out. It was pretty fun, but Bryson was still a little young for their games so it was mostly Bryson running around the store getting candy while everybody talked about his costume. We even had people that wanted to take a picture of Bryson in his costume. After Publix we headed back home to wait for Robbie, Martha, and Will to go trick or treating. Bryson was singing Old Macdonald in the car which of course made for a funny picture.
For actual trick or treating, we walked around our neighborhood with Will. We started at Martha's sister, Katy's, house. We had the hardest time getting the boys to leave. They had a lot of fun playing on the piano.

Once we finally got them to leave, they had a blast going door to door getting candy. Bryson was so funny because we would tell him to go "knock, knock" and he would go knock on the door; so we just followed his lead all night. Once the people would come to the door, he would get his candy, but then try to go into their house. It was hilarious. The boys both had a lot of fun this year.

Of course the only way to get them to take a picture together was to get them to give each other a hug. Oh well, maybe next year.
After trick or treating, we went over to Amy and Mark's house for dinner. We had planned on doing some more trick or treating, but nobody was out. We were a little disappointed but Bryson still had fun. He was way too distracted to eat dinner though. When we first got there, he loved the decorations they had outside but then he started talking about the "monkers" (monsters) so we went outside and he freaked out! Needless to say he woke up in the middle of the night talking about the "monkers". Bryson had so much fun this Halloween and was interested in everything, I'm hoping he's the same way about Christmas. We have started early by listening to the Christmas music on the radio and we have even bought him a Christmas toy. So far he loves Santa, so we will see.