Sunday, October 10, 2010

7 months!

Well a whole lot has happened since my last post which is part of the reason it's late. I decided to go back to work but luckily Bryson is there with me. I enjoy my new job, but not as much as I used to but I think that's just because I would really rather be home with him. I work 7-4 and get to spend my entire lunch break with him. There are also cameras in the room so I usually get my mom to check on him for me during the day. The crazy thing is, he is the second youngest in his class of 9 kids, but he is the biggest one and is the 3rd crawler. The director wants him to move up but because of his age, he has to stay in his current room until December.
It is so hard to believe that he is already 7 months old! Here are a few things he is doing at 7 months

-He had his first ear infection, we think. The pediatrician couldn't tell 100% because he has so much ear wax but we are treating like one anyway. He gets an antibiotic twice a day until it runs out and we are using a little peroxide in his ears to break the wax up. So far it hasn't fazed him. The only reason I knew something was wrong was because he stopped eating as much and quit sleeping through the night. So since he stopped eating, it's like we are starting over again with the baby food.
-He doesn't go back for a well visit until December but when we went for his ear check he weighed 19 pounds 2 ounces with his clothes on. I'm curious if he has lost any weight since he is not eating as much.
-He is crawling like crazy! He went from army crawling to full force crawling right after he turned 6 months. Then about a week after that he started pulling up and now he's trying to climb. I have a feeling we will have a walker on our hands before we go to NYC for Thanksgiving.
-We have officially tried all of the basic baby foods. Once I can get him eating some more, I'm going to give him some mixed fruits and veggies and also introduce a few uncommon foods like mango and pumpkin. I will also start to introduce spices to him too.
-Prior to the ear infection he would drink about 6-8 oz of formula every 3 hours and eat a baby food 3 times a day. Now we are back to 8 oz every 3 hours and are slowly getting back to eating baby food again.
-He is talking up a storm! He says things like "da-da" and "ni-ni" (sounds like night night) all day long.
-He still doesn't take a paci but now when he is sleepy he will chew on some kind of fabric. He was chewing his shirt which would make it pretty nasty so I bought him a few small blankets that he could chew on.
-He still has blue eyes, and it looks like they may stay that way. Our pediatrician said the latest she's seen them change was 8 months and I have read it can take more than a year, so while it appears they are staying blue, they could still change.
-He is still sleeping in our room, but we are making the transition to his room either tonight or tomorrow night. Its going to be hard not having him beside me every night but it's not a habit that I want him to have. I know at first I won't sleep well, but in time, I will get more sleep.
-I have bought him a few new toys but he refuses to play with them. Instead, his favorite thing to do is crawl to the coffee table, pull himself up and just bang on it for hours. He will also try to reach whatever is on the table too. We have only had a few falls while doing this.

Bryson is such an amazing little guy. He makes us so happy and has the best personality. We definitely got lucky to have the best baby in the world. We were a few days late taking his monthly pictures since I am trying to get into a good work routine and they are also getting harder to take. We only got a few because all he wants to do is crawl off the blanket. That child is such a wiggle worm! Here are the few that we got.