Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Update!

I went to my weekly Dr's appointment on Tuesday and everything looks great! We had talked at our last appointment about the possibility of him being a 9 1/2 pound baby if I went to my due date which kind of worried me a little bit. I have heard of some people delivering babies that big and having problems with either mom or baby. But I have also known some people that have a c-section because of the size of the baby and everything is fine. I asked about another ultrasound and she said I would only get one if she was unable to tell if he was breech or not. Well on Tuesday, I had still made no progress. No dilating, nothing. She measured me and again voiced her concern about him being a big baby. She was concerned about his size compared to my progress and thought that she may have to help things along. She wanted to do an ultrasound so I called Robert and had him come up there since I didn't want him to miss seeing Bryson again. I will say that part of me was hoping that he was big so maybe she would help things along because I am miserable! So we got the ultrasound and he is not big at all! He is perfect. As of Tuesday he was estimated to weigh 6 pounds 4 ounces and projected to gain a half a pound a week. So instead of looking at a 9+ pound baby, I think we are looking at an 8 pound baby. I know ultrasounds are not always accurate, but I like that news a lot better than the news we got last week. The ultrasound tech printed off some pictures for us. Here are the pictures that we got.

This is a picture of his face. If you look close you can see his nose and lips. He also has his hands over his eyes.

This is a profile picture. The white line you see is his forehead.

This is a close up shot of his profile. Again, the white line is his forehead. If you look close you can see his nose and his big pouty lips.

This is another close up of his profile. If you look under his chin, you can see his big belly.

Of course he's still a boy! He's not as modest now as he was in October.

Here's his big foot and his fat toes.

And she was even nice enough to let us attempt at a 4d shot. I think he looks like Robert! Look at those fat cheeks!

I can't wait until we can hold this little guy in our arms. I am 37 weeks today and plan on working for the next two weeks. That's if I don't go into labor before then or have to take maternity leave early. I have been in a classroom by myself since the middle of last week and it is killing me. I am not sure if they just don't realize how far along I am or they just don't care, either way, it is killing me. I really need the money but I'm not sure I can handle working by myself for two more weeks. Let's just hope this little guy decides to come early.
I have had two baby showers so far and we have gotten a lot of good stuff for the baby. We have one more tomorrow. I am so excited to see what we get. I will post pictures of all the showers after tomorrow.