Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poor Baby Bryson

2 weeks ago, Bryson was very sick; probably the sickest he's ever been. It all started with a sneeze that Saturday, then he woke up Sunday with a snotty nose. We had a birthday party that day so we stopped at CVS and got some Benedryl on the way. The Benedryl didn't seem to work and on Monday I could tell that he wasn't feeling all that great. By the time we got home from school Monday night, he was running a fever; not too high, but still high enough for some Tylenol. I called into work on Tuesday since his fever was high enough to miss school and since the Benedryl wasn't working, I went to Walgreens and bought him some cough and cold medicine. Walgreens had a lot more to chose from for Bryson since most cold medicines are for ages 4 and up. This medicine had a fever reducer in it so I quit giving him the Tylenol. At about 330, his fever went up to 103.3 which meant the fever reducer wasn't working but I was scared to mix another medicine with it so I called the doctor. The nurse that answered chewed me out for giving him that medicine, and told us it was too late in the day to come in and that we would have to go to after hours. She didn't tell me if I could give him Tylenol or Motrin with the medicine I had already given him. Of course it was raining, and we need new tires on the car bad. So bad that it really shouldn't be driven in the rain. Thankfully we were able to make it to Lisa's and she took us to the after hours clinic.
When we got there, he still wasn't acting like he felt bad, and he didn't even feel that warm. He was running around and playing in the waiting room. I just knew that we would get back there and they would tell us his fever was gone and that nothing was wrong with him. Bryson hates doctors and nurses so of course he lost it when they called us back. They weighed him and took him temperature. He weighed right under 30 pounds, but his fever was up to 104.6! The nurse had never heard of the medicine I was giving him before so she took it to the doctor to see if we could mix Tylenol with it. We could, so when she got back she made us strip Bryson down to just a diaper, give him Tylenol, and make him drink a ton of apple juice. I was freaking out, but tried to hide it so I didn't scare Lisa or Bryson. The first thing they did was a flu and strep test. Both came back negative. Then they checked his ears. Of course they were clogged with wax so she couldn't see which meant they had to clean them out. It was not fun! Then of course after all of that, he didn't even have an ear infection. The only explanation was a virus and that we had to give it 3-5 days to run its course and that if he still had a fever by Friday, to take him back to the doctor. By the time we left, his fever had come down to 102 and the doctor said to keep alternating Tylenol and Motrin and that we could keep taking that cold medicine. We got Chick Fil A on the way home, and Bryson was acting like he felt fine.

 The only thing that kept him happy was playing with a straw.

This is when he had a 104.6 fever.

The next day, we stayed home from school. He seemed fine all day. He had only ran a low grade fever, so I really thought we would have made it back to school the next day. During his nap, I heard him moaning and tossing and turning. I went in his room and he was shaking so I woke him up, checked his temperature and it was only at 100. He kept shaking and crying, so I sat him on the couch and got his Tylenol and some apple juice. When I went back in the living room, his lips were turning a bluish color and he wouldn't stop shaking. I checked him temperature again and it had went up to 102.6 in just a few short minutes. I called the doctor and they made me do a skin test, which didn't work because his hands were blue. We headed straight to the doctor. By the time we got there, the Tylenol had kicked in so he wasn't blue or shaking anymore. Our doctor was out so we had to see one of the other doctors. His temperature by the time we got there had already dropped to 100.4. The doctor did a blood test and everything came back fine so he checked Bryson's ears. They still had a lot of wax in them but he was able to see in them after he had a nurse help Robert hold him down. The night before his ears were clear, but by then, he had an ear infection in his right ear. It just shows how fast an ear infection can start. He gave us a prescription for an antibiotic and we headed home. All Bryson wanted to do that night was wear his Buzz pajamas and cuddle up with his Toy Story blanket and Woody and watch The Fresh Beat Band on my Kindle Fire. It ended up being a very relaxing night. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Year's 2012

It's still so hard to believe that it's already 2012! We spent New Year's Eve with our friends watching Auburn win their bowl game. Our get together was originally just supposed to be a New Year's Eve party but then we found Auburn's bowl game would be played on New Year's Eve. It's so much fun watching Auburn football with our friends and we are so sad that football season is over. We didn't really do too much at our friends house other than watch football and enjoy each other's company. I am definitely getting old though. I was so tired before midnight and all I wanted to do was spend time with Bryson. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with our friends, but I miss Bryson when I am away from him. Since Robert works nights now, he will more than likely have to work on New Year's Eve, which just means that I will get to ring in the New Year with Bryson, which I'm super excited about. I had so much fun as kid being allowed to stay up until midnight and toasting the New Year with a glass of sparkling grape juice. I can't wait to start that tradition with Bryson. Since we were so busy watching football and catching up with our friends, I forgot to take a lot of pictures. I did get a cute group shot of all the girls and of course a nice picture of me and Robert. I know it's a little late, but, Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for the Dorsey' family.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas 2011

Well, sadly, Christmas came and went way too fast. We also were not lucky enough to have another white Christmas. In fact, it was actually kind of warm for the month of December. Gotta love Alabama weather right? Santa was really good to Bryson this year. Bryson left Santa a cup of egg nog and some sugar cookies. I guess Santa liked them because he left Bryson so many fun new toys!
 Santa came!

 Santa must have heard that Bryson loves Toy Story

 Cookies and egg nog for Santa

Bryson slept super late Christmas morning, which was nice for us. I was able to enjoy 2 cups of coffee and get our cinnamon rolls cooked before we woke him up. Yes, we had to wake him up! He wasn't too happy about that. All he wanted was for Robert to hold him. But once he saw that Santa came, his face lit up!

 All he kept saying was "up daddy, up!"

 He finally spotted his gifts from Santa!

He immediately went to play with Rex and Slinky Dog, then he saw Buzz and got super excited! He wanted to go ahead and play with all his new toys and actually got mad when we told him that he had presents to open. He had fun opening his presents and was fine with putting them to the side and opening more until he opened his Robots. He got so upset when we put those to the side.

 Checking out his new toys.


 He found Buzz!

 Yo Gabba Gabba shirts!

 Now he's excited about opening his gifts.

 He was so mad that we put his gifts to the side to open more.

 Bryson's first look at Alphie the Robot. He was in heaven!

Once all the gifts and stockings were opened, it was time to play before heading to Granna and Papa's house.

 Checking out his new Toy Story 2 movie from Santa

 New books from Santa

 He loves his new tent

He already looks so overwhelmed, and our day has only just begun.

We went to Granna and Papa's house for lunch. We always have so much fun when we get Bryson and Will together. Of course both boys got spoiled and so did their parents. My mom swore that we weren't getting that much this year because she wanted to spend more money on the boys so it was a nice surprise when we had a few gifts to open.

Bryson playing with Will's gift, and Will opening Bryson's gift.

 Robert's new tool box, complete with new tools, from my dad. (Apparently things got busy and this is the only gift I got a picture of Robert opening)

Yes, my mom bought herself a gift, wrapped it, and put it under the tree!

 Opening gifts with daddy.

 New boots from Robbie and Martha

New sweater from my mom

 Bryson playing with his new farm.

 The boys loved their new drums. We actually thought this gift would be too babyish for them but they loved it! Once they opened those, they were done with everything else.

 Another new shirt from my mom.

 The Golden Girls!!!!

 The boys got matching Mickey Mouse chairs.

 Granna and Papa bought Bryson Woody to go with his Buzz that Santa got him.

After we were finished at my parent's house, we headed to my Aunt Evelyn's house, or as the boys call her, Granny Goose. She made us a bunch of yummy desserts. I love going to her house because not only does she get some fun gifts that you want, but she also gets stuff that you need. Who would have thought that opening a gift that was full of laundry detergent, soap detergent, and bath soap would be so much fun!

Of course Christmas came and went too quickly, but we had a lot of fun. I know that next year will be even better since Bryson will be older and understand a little more about what Christmas is really all about.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Eve

This year we did Christmas Eve a little different. Robert's mom had to work on Christmas so we did his family's Christmas on Christmas Eve afternoon. We had some yummy spaghetti from Joe's Italian and of course their delicious strawberry cake. Bryson got so many fun things and so did me and Robert. I got a beautiful pair of diamond hoop earrings from Robert's mom and he got an X-Box Kinect. I haven't worn earrings in a really long time so I was surprised that my holes hadn't closed up, but those earrings totally inspired me to wear earrings more. Robert loves his Kinect. We haven't bought any Kinect games yet but we have played around with the one that came with it. After gifts, we played gift card dirty Santa. It was a lot of fun. Robert ended up a Stix gift card and I got a Target gift card. Unfortunately our camera battery died so we didn't get many pictures but here are the few we did get.

After spending time with Robert's family, we went home to get ready for our traditional IHOP dinner. As soon as we were about to walk out the door we heard the firetruck. Santa rides around Helena on the firetruck and will come down all the streets in neighborhoods and throw candy to the kids. We were lucky enough to see him last year but Bryson was too young to know what was going on and the sirens scared him. We were really hoping to see him this year, so we bundled up Bryson and waited outside for him. His friends from across the street came over too. After about an hour or so, and no Santa in sight, we decided to go ahead and eat dinner. We decided to stop and look at a few Christmas lights first. We found a house in Helena that has lights set to music on the radio. We just wanted to do a quick drive-by but people had pulled over and parked their cars. We stopped for a quick look then headed to IHOP. Bryson fell asleep on the way and of course we drove past Santa on the firetruck. I tried so hard to wake him up so he could see him, but he was out cold. This made the first half of our dinner very interesting. He screamed and pitched a fit in the restaurant until he got his pancakes and eggs. I ordered the egg nog pancakes and they were amazing. Robert got some massive omelet that he shared with Bryson. We ended up having a wonderful dinner. After dinner we put Bryson in his pj's and headed to The Preserve to look at lights. Bryson stayed awake for the majority of the neighborhood but fell asleep on the way home. We were able to slip him into bed without him waking up. Once he was asleep, Santa had to get to work. He brought Bryson so many cute things. Me and Robert always exchange gifts Christmas Eve night so once Santa was finished, we swapped gifts. I bought him an autographed Auburn National Championship book, the DVD set Defining Moments of Auburn Football, an 8x10 autographed picture of Michael Dyer (sadly he's not on the team anymore), and an 8x10 autographed picture of Cam Newton and Gene Chizik. Robert bought me a Kindle Fire and I love it! It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas so I'm so happy I got it.
 Bryson patiently wating for Santa

 Michael Dyer

 More Pictures!

 Defining Moments of Auburn Football

My new Kindle Fire
(yes I know the house is a wreck but don't judge. It's Christmas Even and we have a toddler)