Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch

This year we decided to try the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton instead of the pumpkin patch in Hayden and it was so much fun! Last year we went to the one in Hayden and were very disappointed. The hayride was a joke and so was their so called pumpkin patch. It looked like all they did was go to the store and buy some pumpkins and throw them in the field. Thankfully Bryson was too young last year to really enjoy it anyway. It was more of a cute photo-op than anything, but this year, it was way better, and closer. It only took us about 30 minutes or less to get there. They had helicopter tours and Bryson loved waving bye bye to the helicopter. We went with our friends Steven and Jessica and her 2 kids Coby and Jeffrey. While we were waiting for them, we did a little exploring. They had a cute little set up outside of the store for us to get some cute pictures of Bryson.

They also had an area where it looked like they did little Native American presentations with real teepees. Bryson had fun going in and out of them.

They also had a petting zoo, a train ride, some bouncy houses and a few other things, but we decided to pass on those this year since Bryson is still so young. Once our friends got there, we got in line for the hayride to the pumpkin patch. It was a short ride but they had the trail decorated with all kinds of cute and spooky Halloween decorations.

Once we got there, Bryson was in heaven. He loves pumpkins (or mumkins as he calls them). This pumpkin patch was actually a real pumpkin patch unlike the one we went to last year. The pumpkins were sitting by the vines (the owners had already cut the pumpkins off the vines so they were easier to get), but you could still see the baby pumpkins growing on the vines. Bryson kept pointing at all the pumpkins with excitment yelling "MUMKINS, MUMKINS!".  He had so much fun. Once we selected our pumpkins, we headed back to they hayride. It took us at least 10 minutes to walk back because Bryson had to say bye bye to every pumpkin he walked past. It was the cutest thing ever!

It was extremely hot when we went (gotta love Alabama weather) so we had to stop for some water before taking our pumpkins back to the car.

They had another cute little setup to take pictures on the way. Bryson loved standing on the hay surrounded by all the pumpkins and scarecrows (or snowmen as Bryson kept calling them).

We all had so much fun this year at the pumpkin patch and I think Bryson really enjoyed going with some of his friends. We will definitely being going back to this pumpkin patch next year.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

War Eagle!

Last weekend we headed to Auburn for our first game of the season. We went with our friend Carl and his kids Hannah and Charlie. It was their first Auburn game and they had a blast.We didn't take Bryson to this game because it didn't start until 6 and we thought that would have been too late for him to enjoy the whole game. Hopefully we will be able to make it down for an earlier game with him before the season is over. We played Florida Atlantic and even though we won, it was an ugly game. We were on the 10 yard line, row 11 so the seats were amazing. I just wish we could have seen our Tigers play a better game. It's hard to come off such an amazing year with experienced players to a year full of new, young players; but hopefully after this season our Tigers will be back. The first stop we made was to Toomer's Corner to check out the trees, and oh man were they sad. I still can't believe somebody could be so stupid and cruel enough to poison those trees. I know it's a rivalry but that went way too far. After checking out the trees, we went and bought Bryson a new jersey and hat for the season. The game was fun and we had a little bit of entertainment going on in the stands. There was a family of 3 sitting in front of us; a dad, mom and older daughter. I'm not sure if they were just lazy or had never been to a game before but we never saw them cheer or even stand up the entire game. At one point the family in front of them got really excited about a great play and stood up (along with everybody else) cheering for our players. The family that sat down made a comment to the other family that they couldn't see what happened because they were standing up. Of course some words were exchanged and the weird family went and got security. It was quite funny. The funny thing was, the security guard worked for the family sitting beside us so the dad was able to stop him. Why in the world would people like that go see an Auburn game. The drama came at a good time during the game because honestly, it got a little boring; but in the end we won, and were able to make a fun trip to Toomer's Corner to celebrate. Here's some pictures from our fun game day.
 The sad trees at Toomer's Corner

 Carl with his kids Hannah and Charlie before the game.

 Me and Robert before the game.

 Chizik getting the players ready for the game.

 Trooper getting the players ready for the game.

 The Eagle. (I had a hard time getting a picture of it flying because of the sun.)

 After the win.

 Carl with his kids at their first trip to Toomer's Corner.

 Charlie's first time to roll the trees.

 Hannah's first time to roll the trees.

 Toomer's Corner