Monday, June 21, 2010

1 year ago today...

 This is what I woke up to...

Today this is what I woke up to...

December 2008, we decided that we would no longer stop trying to get pregnant. I called my OBGYN and told her that I was going to stop taking the pill and asked how long we should wait. They told me 3 months. January was my last month on the pill. We waited 3 months before trying just like the dr said. We did this by charting my ovulation, but doing the opposite of everybody else. At exactly 3 months, we quit doing that and just decided to see what happened. We were very suprised and thankful at how fast we got pregnant because it seems like everybody we know was either having a hard time, or had had a hard time.
It is amazing how much has changed this past year. Last year, the week before June 20, I had been talking to a few of my coworkers about the possibility of being pregnant. I kinda laughed it off since we weren't really trying, we just weren't doing anything to stop it. On Friday June 19, we were making plans for the weekend. There were talks about going to OnTap. When I thought about this, I got this bad feeling that it wouldn't be a good idea to enjoy a glass of wine that weekend. I contemplated about taking a test the rest of the night. That night Robert had talked to his mom and she was really excited about a family wedding in Hawaii. She said it was going to be in February and that she wanted everybody to go; she would even pay for our airfare and hotel. We were so excited because we both really wanted to go to Hawaii.  So later that night, Robert went out with his friends, and I went and bought a pregnancy test. I don't think he had any idea that I was going to take one that next day. Since Robert works on Saturdays, he would usually get up before me, but that morning I had to get up early for Martha's baby shower. On Saturday, June 20, I decided to take the test before he left. I was shocked when it came up positive. We were both excited but agreed to not tell anybody because we wanted to suprise them. So I sat through Martha's entire baby shower, being the only person there that knew I was pregnant. That was so hard to do because I was so excited about our news. So after the shower was over and it was time to go home, I was about to bust. I had to tell somebody so I had Martha walk me out and I told her before I left. It felt so good to tell somebody, but we didn't tell anybody else until the next day, which just so happened to be Father's Day. We had all went in together to get my dad race tickets and Robbie and Martha had bought his card from all of us. Even though he already had a card from us, we gave him another Father's Day card and signed it "Amy, Robert, and baby to be (due February 2010)". My dad then said, " Does this mean what I think it means?" and gave us this expression...

I'm so glad we got that on camera because his face was priceless. My mom was so curious about what the card said so we then handed it to her and this is the expression we got, follwed my a ton of screaming and jumping and almost choking me to death...

We then went to my Aunt Evelyn's house and shared the news with her. That night we had dinner with Robert's family and we decided to share the news then. We were all sitting around and talking about the trip to Hawaii and Robert said, "I don't think me and Amy can go." and Robert's mom asked why. He then said, "Because I don't think it would be a good idea for Amy to fly in her thrid trimester." Everybody then freaked out. I wish we could have gotten that on camera. It was so exciting to share this news with our family on such a special day. We decided to wait and tell everybody else later. Some we told after my 8 week appointment and other's we waited until I was out of my first trimester. I am so lucky to have such an amazing little guy.
Since today was Robert's first Father's Day, celebrating the anniversary of when we found out we were pregnant on the same day made it extra special. I will do a separate Father's Day post soon.  I hope everybody had a great Father's Day because we did!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Sunday night, we headed over to the Adcocks to grill out. This has become a yearly tradition for as long as I can remember. As we all are growing up, not as many of our friends can make it out there. Some of them have moved further away, some have kids, and some have new family that they need to share the holiday with. We still had a good time.
On Monday, we went to Oak Mountain with Peter, Kate, Stephen and Lauren. We had planned to stay the whole afternoon, but because of the weather, we had to leave early. All the guys were loading stuff in the car so when we were ready to go, we could just get in the car and go. Of course whle they are gone, the bottom falls out; and of course Robert took the blanket and umbrella. All I had to cover him up with was his bib, so I just stuck it on his head. So here's me, Kate and Bryson getting soaked. Luckily she had an umbrella. So I threw Bryson in his carseat and we both just hovered over him with the umbrella. We got soaked and Bryson did not like the rain. Finally here comes Robert with the big umbrella and we headed to his moms. Here are the pictures from Bryson's 1st Memorial Day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 Months!

I can't believe it has already been 3 months since our sweet little man arrived! It doesn't seem like it's already been that long, but it also seems like he's been here forever! It's so hard to think back on how life was without him. He is an amazing little guy and he's starting to develop his own funny little personality! Here are a few of the things he has done in the past month:
 -Drinks a 6 oz bottle every 3 hours
-Still sleeping through the night, for the most part.
-Talking. He says words like "ah-goo" and "geeee" all the time. (ok so they are not really real words, but they are words to him)
-He smiles when you smile at him
-He can sit up when supported
-He rolls from his back to his side
-He laughed for the first time. It was the cutest little giggle I have ever heard. I got a little teary eyed the first time I heard it.
-He will bear weight on his legs when we hold his hands. This is his favorite position to be in. He loves to "stand up"
-When he's on his belly, he will wiggle so much that he scoots across the floor.
-When on his belly, he can prop up a little bit on his arms
-He can now hold his head up unsupported.
-He reaches for objects and will also grasp them in his hand
-He loves to pull on his toys
-He follows objects back and forth
-He has finally graduated out of newborn clothes and has already began to outgrow his 0-3 months!
-He graduated from size 1 diapers to size 1-2
-His eyes are still blue, and we are starting to think they are going to stay that way. Not sure where he got them from but they are beautiful. Thats the first thing people say about him!

I am having so much fun staying home with him. I feel like he is doing a lot more than most babies because I am able to spend one on one time with him. I feel like our house is always a wreck because I would rather spend my days playing with him instead of cleaning, but with school starting back this week, I have really got to get back into a good routine. Here are his 3 months pictures. It is amazing at how much he has changed!