Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bryson's 1st Haircut

We finally decided it was time for Bryson to get a haircut. Robert has wanted to for a while, but I have had such a hard time wanting to cut his cute little curls off. Well it finally grew long enough in the front where it kept getting in his eyes and his curls were starting to look more like a mullet, so we decided to cut it off. I was worried about taking Bryson to a barber shop to do this since he tends to be scared of doctors and nurses. (he will be happy one minute then scream and cry the minute they walk in the door.) I was so worried if we took him to a barber shop, this same thing would happen. Lisa offered to cut his hair for us and since she chopped Robert's hair off in high school and it turned out great, I decided to give it a shot. We went over to Amy's house on Sunday night for the big event. We took Bryson to the bathroom and sat him in the sink. Lisa pulled up a Backyardigans episode on her phone for him to watch and he was still the entire time. I really don't think he even knew what was going on. He did great. The only time he made any kind of face was when she cut the front and the hair got on his face and in his mouth. At that point, he was done, so Robert trimmed it up at home the next day. It's so crazy how different he looks now. Everybody else thinks he looks older but I think he looks younger. (maybe that's because I was flipping through old pictures on our camera beforehand and his hair was that short on his first birthday.) We decided to just cut it shorter and not do any kind of style to it since we weren't sure how he would do. I think since he did so well, we will try to establish some type of hairstyle next time we cut it. Now I'm just curious to see how fast it grows. Here's the pictures.

 His beautiful curls before
 He was so happy. He had no idea what was about to happen.
 The first cut.

 Watching The Backyardigans.

 He didn't like the hair in his mouth.
 So handsome.