Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bryson's Birthday Party

Bryson is obsessed with the movie Toy Story and all of the characters so we decided to do a Toy Story themed birthday party this year. The original plan was to have it at Cahaba Lily Park here in Helena but with all the heavy rain and storms the day before, we decided to move it to our back up plan at my church. I had found a ton of cute idea's on Pinterest to use for his party but since I thought it was going to be at the park, I didn't do any of them (other than showing my sister in law a picture of the cake we wanted). Either way, it turned out fine. My church has a REC center across the street from the main church that has a gym, pool tables, racquetball court, and a small kitchen and eating area. There was enough room for everybody to play and enjoy the yummy food. I had the cutest idea for party favors, but also scrapped that idea when we decided to move the party to the church. I stole my sister in law, Martha's idea of giving balls as party favors so the kids would have something to play with in the gym, but also a treat to take home. (Martha did the same thing for Will's party last year since his party was also at their church gym.) The party started at 2 and everybody just kinda visited with each other while the kids played together. Anytime Bryson and Will get together is hilarious. They are so much fun to watch and they really are best friends. While the kids played, the adults nibbled on the snacks while we waited for everybody to arrive. Then we opened gifts, and of course Bryson isn't spoiled at all! He got so many nice things, and he loves them all! After gifts, we did cake. We went to Party City the day before to get the rest of the party supplies and we bought a #2 candle. It somehow magically disappeared. I was so upset! What kid doesn't get to blow out candles on his own birthday cake! Thankfully somebody had a lighter so we just improvised. We lit the lighter and sang Happy Birthday, then Bryson blew out the lighter. He didn't know the difference. Still to this day, I have no idea where that candle is. Robert's sister Amy made his awesome birthday cake. She made his cake last year too and they both turned out amazing. Here's last year's cake. We did a Backyardigan's pirate themed party.
And this was his smash cake. It was his favorite Backyardigan's character, Pablo.
And here's this year's cake.

Everything turned out great and we all had a great time. It's still so hard to believe that my sweet baby boy is now 2! Time goes by way too fast. We still get 1 more day to celebrate his birthday though. We bought him tickets to go see The Fresh Beat Band in April! I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees them live in person! Here are some more pictures from Bryson's special day.
 The whole set-up (Bryson was ready to dig into the cake!)

 He loved his balloons

 and of course all of his friends had to come join the party too!

 Ready to open presents!

 A minions movie from Aunt Lisa!

 Giant coloring books from Steven, Jessica, Coby and Jeffrey

 A new potty from Carl, Joanna, Hannah and Charlie

 He loved reading all of his cards

 More Toy Story toys from Dave, Brenda and Allison

 A spider man mask from Amy, Mark, Erin and Eli

 He was ready to open the big gift from Granna and Papa!

 A new slide!!!

 Time for cake! (Thanks for the lighter Jessica)

 He was ready to lick the icing off all the characters

Enjoying some cake and ice cream with Will and Coby.
He really did enjoy all of his gifts and all of his new clothes are so cute! He also loves all the books and coloring books he got. We have started a little mini art gallery of his paintings his room.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Bryson!

I can't believe that today is my sweet baby boy's 2nd birthday! Where has the time gone?! He has grown up way to fast and so far ahead of where he should be. We went to the doctor today for his check up and she said that is development is like that of a 3 year old! He is so smart and so independent. She was impressed with his vocabulary and his interest in the potty. He is a big boy weighing in at 34.4 pounds and is 34 1/4 inches tall! He has gained almost 5 pounds since our last visit on January 18, so since he is gaining weight too fast, we are switching him to either 2% or 1% milk and limiting the amount of milk that we give him during the day. She also suggested that we start using a normal cup instead of a sippy type cup to limit the amount he is drinking at one time. Thankfully he loves water so I don't think this will be a problem. She was also pleased with the types of foods that he enjoys eating and that even though he doesn't really like beef, it sounds like he's getting plenty of protein. She was also pleased with the fact that he rarely drinks juice since juice really isn't necessary, it's more of a treat.  I thought he would have been due for some shots, but nope, he is all caught up. I'm thinking he won't need anymore, other than a flu shot, until his 5 year check up but I may be wrong. We haven't done anything too exciting yet for his birthday but just getting to spend some extra time with him is enough. We gave him one of his gifts today since it's his actual birthday. It was the Fresh Beat Band CD and he loves it! We bought him tickets to their concert so we have to get him ready to sing along with them. Tonight we are going to dinner at Lucia's here in Helena with my parents and Martha and Will and I will give him another small present there. Since it's time for him to drink out of a big boy cup, I bought him the cutest little Toy Story dinner set that includes a big boy cup! Today and tomorrow will be spent getting everything ready for his party, but with the threat of severe weather tomorrow afternoon, I'm really on a time crunch. Hopefully I will be able to finish everything before the bad weather hits. His party is planned for Saturday at Cahaba Lily Park here in Helena, but with the way the weather is looking, we may have to go with our backup plan of using the church REC center. Either way, he's going to have so much fun! It's just so crazy to think that 2 years ago he looked like this
 and year ago he looked like this
and today he looks like this
He has grown up way too fast! Here's a look back at the best 2 years of my life with the most awesome 2 year old ever!  (they are all out of order, but I'm too lazy to fix them) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYSON!!!!!!

 First Family Picture

 He's going to kill me one day for taking pictures of his poop face.
 Bryson's 1st Christmas


 Waiting for Santa

 Christmas 2011

 Bryson's 1st Easter

 Easter 2011

 Pumpkin Patch 2011

 Bryson's 1st Halloween
 Halloween 2011

 1st Birthday Pictures

 First trip to the pumpkin patch

Bryson's 1st trip to NYC