Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas 2011

Well, sadly, Christmas came and went way too fast. We also were not lucky enough to have another white Christmas. In fact, it was actually kind of warm for the month of December. Gotta love Alabama weather right? Santa was really good to Bryson this year. Bryson left Santa a cup of egg nog and some sugar cookies. I guess Santa liked them because he left Bryson so many fun new toys!
 Santa came!

 Santa must have heard that Bryson loves Toy Story

 Cookies and egg nog for Santa

Bryson slept super late Christmas morning, which was nice for us. I was able to enjoy 2 cups of coffee and get our cinnamon rolls cooked before we woke him up. Yes, we had to wake him up! He wasn't too happy about that. All he wanted was for Robert to hold him. But once he saw that Santa came, his face lit up!

 All he kept saying was "up daddy, up!"

 He finally spotted his gifts from Santa!

He immediately went to play with Rex and Slinky Dog, then he saw Buzz and got super excited! He wanted to go ahead and play with all his new toys and actually got mad when we told him that he had presents to open. He had fun opening his presents and was fine with putting them to the side and opening more until he opened his Robots. He got so upset when we put those to the side.

 Checking out his new toys.


 He found Buzz!

 Yo Gabba Gabba shirts!

 Now he's excited about opening his gifts.

 He was so mad that we put his gifts to the side to open more.

 Bryson's first look at Alphie the Robot. He was in heaven!

Once all the gifts and stockings were opened, it was time to play before heading to Granna and Papa's house.

 Checking out his new Toy Story 2 movie from Santa

 New books from Santa

 He loves his new tent

He already looks so overwhelmed, and our day has only just begun.

We went to Granna and Papa's house for lunch. We always have so much fun when we get Bryson and Will together. Of course both boys got spoiled and so did their parents. My mom swore that we weren't getting that much this year because she wanted to spend more money on the boys so it was a nice surprise when we had a few gifts to open.

Bryson playing with Will's gift, and Will opening Bryson's gift.

 Robert's new tool box, complete with new tools, from my dad. (Apparently things got busy and this is the only gift I got a picture of Robert opening)

Yes, my mom bought herself a gift, wrapped it, and put it under the tree!

 Opening gifts with daddy.

 New boots from Robbie and Martha

New sweater from my mom

 Bryson playing with his new farm.

 The boys loved their new drums. We actually thought this gift would be too babyish for them but they loved it! Once they opened those, they were done with everything else.

 Another new shirt from my mom.

 The Golden Girls!!!!

 The boys got matching Mickey Mouse chairs.

 Granna and Papa bought Bryson Woody to go with his Buzz that Santa got him.

After we were finished at my parent's house, we headed to my Aunt Evelyn's house, or as the boys call her, Granny Goose. She made us a bunch of yummy desserts. I love going to her house because not only does she get some fun gifts that you want, but she also gets stuff that you need. Who would have thought that opening a gift that was full of laundry detergent, soap detergent, and bath soap would be so much fun!

Of course Christmas came and went too quickly, but we had a lot of fun. I know that next year will be even better since Bryson will be older and understand a little more about what Christmas is really all about.

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