Saturday, January 7, 2012


This year we took Bryson to the Galleria to see Santa. We went there last year for Santa, and for the Easter bunny and have always had a good experience. Plus, the Galleria is so close to our house, so it was easy to go in the morning before me and Robert both had to be at work. We went during the week thinking it wouldn't be busy (since it never has been busy during the week), but boy were we wrong! The line was insane! I guess many people don't work anymore. So we waited over an hour to see Santa. By the time we got up there, it was Bryson's lunch and nap time so he was not too happy. We had no idea it would take that long during the week, while most people should be at work or we wouldn't have taken him then. The other 2 times we have went, it was also during the week when people should be working and we just walked right up. Nobody was in line. So it's finally our turn and the lady asks which package we want to get. I told her that we were just going to buy 1 5x7 like we have always done. She said that we weren't allowed to do that; our only option was to buy a package! Are you kidding me! I was so mad! We just stood in line for over an hour with a cranky toddler to only be told that we couldn't buy 1 5x7 like we always have. So we sat Bryson on Santa's lap and snapped a few pictures of our own. When the other lady saw how mad I was, she told me that she would allow me to buy 1 5x7, for $16!!!!! Are you kidding me? Needless to say we didn't buy anything from them. I highly doubt we will be going to the Galleria for Santa or the Easter Bunny again.
On the way home, I noticed the sign at the Walgreens by our house that said that they would have Santa at their store the next day. We figured we would give it a shot. So the next day, we get Bryson dressed in a cute Christmas shirt and drive over to Walgreens. We walked in, no line! They had a cute little set-up too. It wasn't as fancy as the Galleria, but who cares, Bryson loved him! At first, he didn't want to get near him so we sat him down on the rocking horse next to him. Then Santa started talking to Bryson and Bryson wanted to give Santa a hug. So Bryson sat in Santa's lap, smiled, talked to him, gave him a hug and we got some really cute pictures. Not only that, but you get 1 4x6 for free and then have the option to buy any that you want. We bought all of the pictures, in a 5x7 for less than $5! So much happier with them than the Galleria. Who would have thought we would have had a better experience with Walgreens Santa than the mall Santa. Go figure right?! I can't get our scanner to work so I can scan the Walgreen's pictures, but I do have the horrible Galleria Santa pictures. I guess every kid has to have the crying Santa picture though.

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