Tuesday, September 20, 2011

18 Months and 1st Dentist Appointment

I can't believe that our sweet baby boy is 18 months old. That's only 6 months away from being 2! He is growing way too fast. He is learning something new everyday. He is a big talker and not only has a new word everyday, but now he is forming sentences. They are short sentences but they are sentences. The funniest thing he does is when you are reading him a book and ask him where something is in the book, he points to it and says "it's right there!". It is the cutest thing ever. Also, whenever he wants to give you something he will bring to you and say "here, here." Lately he has been so interested in counting, saying his ABC's, and animal sounds. He knows all the animal sounds now. Our favorite is his monkey sound and his frog sound. He loves saying his ABC's and normally will lay in his crib and sing them to himself until he falls asleep. He has the entire tune down and most of the letters. He knows all the letters in the correct order but he doesn't say them all at the same time. The funniest is l,m,n,o,p. He kinda jumbles that up into one long letter. As far as counting goes, he now knows most of his numbers. Just like with his ABC's, he won't say them all together, but he knows the all in the correct order. When did my little boy get so smart?
His new toy obsession is now Woody and Buzz. If I would have typed this last month, it would have been cars, but this month, he can't go anywhere without taking Woody or Buzz, or both with him. He talks about them all day and plays with them all day. He only wants to drink out of his Woody and Buzz cups and will pout if that's not what I put his drink in, but he gets over that very quickly.
He is definitely getting closer to his terrible two's. He tries to test us during the day, but he quickly realizes who's the boss. He tries to be sneaky about doing things he's not supposed to do, but all we have to do is call his name and say no and he stops, well most of the time. We started back to school in the beginning of August and compared to some of the kids in his class, he is an angel. These kids hit, push, pull hair and take toys all afternoon. Bryson just sits there and watches. The only thing he gets in trouble for at school is climbing on the table. He has a little friend in his class named Asher that is just like him except Asher is a lot smaller. Asher is a few weeks younger than Bryson but they both seem interested in the same things and both are talking about the same amount. Bryson has tried to play with the other kids in the class but I guess they are not as interesting because he will quickly go back and play with Asher. I'm glad to see that he is beginning to make friends.
We had his 18 month check up last Monday and everything went perfectly! He weighs 27.6 pounds (75th percentile) and is 33.5 inches long (also 75th percentile). He got 4 shots, one of those being the flu shot and did great. Of course he screamed, but he was fine right afterwards. The doctor was very impressed at what all he could do at 18 months. After the doctor, we went for his first dental appointment. The offices are right by each other so it made sense to schedule them on the same day. I won't do that again. I felt like we just tortured that poor baby all day long. I wanted to take him for his first dental visit sooner but at the recommended age of 12 months, he only had like 2 teeth so there was no point then. Then I just kept forgetting to call. Bryson hated the dentist, but he hates it when we brush his teeth too, which is apparently normal according to the dentist. They brushed his teeth and examined them with the explorer. The dentist said his teeth looked great and that he could tell that we were taking good care of them. I was glad to hear that since we have the hardest time getting his teeth brushed every night. He got his first fluoride treatment and when we go back in 6 months, they will attempt to take his 1st xrays. I wanted to take some pictures of his first cleaning but since I had to help hold him down,  I could only get before and after pictures.
 All smiles before his 1st cleaning.
 He has so much fun just running around the office.

 Checking out the hygienist before getting his teeth cleaned.
 After getting his teeth cleaned. What a big boy!
You can really tell in this picture that he had been crying. It breaks my heart, but I know that he needs it.

We don't have to torture him again until March when he has his 2 year check up at the doctor and then another cleaning and xrays at the dentist. He did a little bit better with the doctor this visit so hopefully by March, he won't be as scared.

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