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I am so addicted to Pinterest. If you don't know what that is, it's a website where you can create your own boards then you pin things you like to those boards. I have found so many neat craft projects and yummy recipes on there. I was really busy with Pinterest projects around the holidays, but since Christmas, I haven't made anything. I have been so busy planning Bryson's birthday party that most of the pins I have found have been for his Toy Story birthday party. I have been fairly successful with the pins I've already done, but some, not so much. I haven't taken many pictures of my creations (which is another thing I need to get better at), but I have copied the pictures from my pins. Hopefully after Bryson's birthday party, things will calm down and I will be able to be more crafty, so hopefully I will have more blog posts with my Pinterest projects. But for now, here's what I've done so far.
 I made these handprint calendars as Christmas presents for my mom, Robert's mom, and my Aunt Evelyn. It took us a while to make all the pictures, but it was a lot of fun. Each month was a picture made just from his hands. Here's the different months that we did: (I may snap some pictures of one the calendars the next time I visit with them)
January-Snowman family
March- Flower
April- Cross
May- Sunshine
June- Fish
July- American Flag
August- Sailboat
September- Fall tree
October- Pumpkin Patch
November- Turkeys
December- Wreath

 These cupcakes were delicious! I made them for one of our football parties right before Halloween. They were pretty time consuming but turned out just like the picture. I plan on making these again next year. 

 I made this for Robert's Father's Day gift last year. Here's the pin from Pinterest
 Here's the finished product!

 This one was obviously easy, but mine doesn't look as nice. (I think it's because my cake stand isn't as tall)

 These lasagna cups were not only time consuming but turned out terrible! I love lasagna so I was so excited to try something new but I was so disappointed. I followed the directions perfectly and they came out really hard and no where near as good as real lasagna. I definitely will not be making these again.

 This turned out so cute! I really wish I would have taken a picture of it. I couldn't reach the top of the light so Robert had to help me. All you do is get a plain green wreath and tie it to the bottom of the light, then wrap plain green garland from the top of the light all the way to the bottom. Then any kind of ribbon and decorations that you would like! I plan on doing this again next year.

 I have never done a mailbox decoration before and I wasn't too sure how this one was going to turn out. I was pretty surprised at how good it looked.

 I started making these ornaments with the kids in my preschool classes, but now I plan on making one every year with Bryson to keep as a keepsake and to see how much he has grown. We could already tell a big difference between the first Christmas and this past Christmas.

 Bryson loves Yo Gabba Gabba so when I found these pumpkins, I just knew we had to make them. Bryson loves robots so we made the Plex pumpkin. Now I can't take credit for this. Bryson's Aunt Lisa made the Plex pumpkin but it turned out so cute.
This is the picture from Pinterest.

 The real thing.

 Baked pumpkin seeds, these were so yummy.

 This is what inspired me to make my first rag wreath. This is very similar to the one that I did. I'm hoping to make some more of these because they are super easy and super cute. All I did was buy a wire wreath frame at Michael's and few different types of the same themed fabric. Then cut the fabric into small strips and tie them in knots around the wreath alternating the different types that I have. My first one wasn't super great, but I made one out of Auburn fabric and it turned out great! I need to get them out the attic and get a good picture of them. 

 I never know what to buy my aunt for her Birthday or even for Christmas. She loves anything and everything about Bryson so when I saw this, I knew she would love it! I just bought a cheap frame at Wal-Mart and used scrapbook paper to make the Santa on instead of plain construction paper. It turned out so cute! We also made one with a reindeer.

 I think this is my favorite craft so far. This was really time consuming but the end product was so cute! I got a lot of comments on them. All I did was buy a foam cone from Hobby Lobby, then cut scrapbook paper into strips. I then used my scrapbook scissors to cut a cute design on the bottom of the strip. I rolled the paper up in a pen to make it curl up. Once I had all the paper glued to the cone, I added different colored sequins and a felt star at the top.
This is another project that didn't really turn out like the picture, but that's my fault for not following directions. I thought all the pieces were glued on to the coat hanger but I was supposed to string them through the coat hanger. I will try this again next year.

te art projects for Bryson to make. With St. Patrick's Day coming up, I'm hoping that we have time to so some of them. I will try to get better about taking pictures of our projects.

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