Monday, December 14, 2009

Tacky Christmas 2009 (Lots of pictures)

Saturday, we hosted our 2nd annual tacky christmas party at our house. Once again, it was a big hit. Everybody had a lot of fun dressing tacky and playing dirty santa. However, some people play dirty santa a little different than others. We set the limit to 20 bucks since it is hard to find a gender neutral gift. Here are a few pictures from the nights festivities. The first was our failed attempt at an awesome tacky picture for our Christmas card.

We have also been making some progress on Bryson's room. Robert has gotten the crib and the changing table put together. He also painted the room last weekend. We went with a blueish grayish color. Since the theme is pirates, we thought it matched the bedding and the mural perfect. Robert's sister is coming next week to paint a treasure map mural on the wall. I am so excited to see how that turns out. Here are few pictures of what we have so far. I will post more when the room is finished.

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