Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1 Month!

I can't believe that my sweet angel is already a month old! He has already brought so much joy to everybody's life in such a short amount of time. He has celebrated two holidays: St. Patrick's Day and Easter. Here are some things he is doing for his first month:
-Sleeps through the night (most nights). If he doesn't sleep through the night, he will usually sleep at least 5 straight hours, but fall right back to sleep after a bottle.
-Lifts his head up very good!
-He is also starting to try and pull up with his arms.
-He is still a little grunter. He is constantly making some kind of noise, even in his sleep.
-He is smiling, and no it's not gas. He is actually giving us big smiles. I think if he could laugh he would.
-He eats every 3 hours. Sometimes he will drink only 3 ounces, sometimes 5 ounces.
-His eyes are still blue.
-He loves going for walks. I think he loves the stroller.
-And sadly, he is losing his hair! Just at the top though! We said he looks like a little James Spann!
Here are some pictures Robert snapped of him on his 1 month birthday.


And here's a few similar hospital pictures for comparison. These were taken on March 3.


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