Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Robert's 1st Father's Day

Since Robert made my 1st Mother's Day so special, I had to do the same for him. The only thing he asked for were Auburn tickets. I really wanted to get him tickets to the LSU game but I couldn't afford that. I chose to get tickets to the Auburn vs. Arkansas game in October. Our seats are almost on the 50 yard line and are on the 3rd row! I know that we probably could have just went down to Auburn on any weekend and try to get scalped tickets, but I wanted Robert to have good seats on a set day. I didn't want him to take off from work and us drive all the way down there only to not get tickets, or get bad tickets. I am so excited to go to this game! The weather should be perfect (as long as it does not rain). I also wanted to make him a few craft projects from Bryson. (yes, that would be the former preschool teacher in me coming out). Robert has said since the day that Bryson was born that he wanted his handprints done since they did not do them in the hospital. I bought a plaster handprint kit and with the help of my parents, we made a beautiful plaster handprint! I also found a kit to make a plaster frame. I made this his footprint and painted in orange and blue, added footballs and Auburn stickers, and put a picture of Bryson in his Auburn polo on it. It turned out great! (I don't have pictures of those, but I will try to post them as soon as we get them). Finally, I made him a desk calendar full of Bryson pictures. I dressed Bryson in Robert's football jerseys and his dress shirt and took the cutest pictures! It now sits on his desk at work for all of his co-workers to see! After Robert opened his gifts, we started preparing all the food that we were cooking for the cookout that we were having with my family. Robert cooked steaks for the dads and burgers for the moms. I even attempted to make homemade ice cream for the 1st time to go with Martha's yummy Pampered Chef brownies. After spending time with my family, we headed over to Robert's mom's neighborhood pool for Bryson's first time to swim. He loved it and I don't think he wanted to get out! Here are some pictures from that eventful day.

Helping daddy open his gifts

Part of the gifts

We love us a naked baby!

Posing for daddy

It was Robbie's 1st Father's Day too!

Getting in the pool for the 1st time

Not so sure what to think about it

He loves it!

Checking out his new float from Lola!

"Hey ladies, check out my new ride!"

So cute!

Playing with his steering wheel

He was kicking his little feet

Cute picture, but he just splashed himself in the face

Laughing at his cousin Eli

He had so much fun!

Robert's gift to himself, a huge steak!

Yummy cake for Robert and Mark at Lola's

Gotta love money!

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