Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bryson's 1st Baseball game!

On Friday July 2, we took Bryson to his first baseball game. We went to see the Birmingham Barons play with Robbie, Martha and Will to celebrate Will's birthday! Both of the boys had such a good time and did suprisingly well! The game didn't start until 7pm and both boys go to bed around 9 so we didn't think they would last long. Suprisingly they both made it through the entire game and the fireworks! Neither of them really watched the game of course but they both loved the fireworks! It was so nice to get out and do something like that as a family. Me and Robert plan on taking Bryson again soon, maybe with Erin and Eli next time. Here are a few pictures from our fun night.
Robert and Bryson before the start of the game

Robert and Bryson enjoying the game

Sweet baby

The next one's are hilarious!

Checkin' the runner on first...

Shakin off the signal...

Bryson about to bring the heat!

Getting sleepy in the ice cream line

Not sure what to think of the fireworks

He loved them!

Happy Birthday Will!

Tired and fussy at the end of the game

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