Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bryson's 1st 4th!

Better late then never right? I had this typed up a few weeks ago and never got around to adding the pictures until today. Hopefully since I'm finally done with school,  I will be able to keep up with this blog more.
We had a busy 4th of July weekend. On Friday night, we went to the Baron's game for Will's birthday and had a blast! On Sunday, we went over to one of our friend's house to go swimming. Of course we took Bryson and we had a lot of fun. After swimming, we packed up and took Bryson downtown to see the fireworks show. Poor baby was so tired but he really seemed to enjoy the fireworks. On Monday, we went swimming again with our friends Carl and Joanna. Bryson is really becoming a little water baby. He loves the water and has a blast everytime he goes swimming. On Monday night, we had planned to go see a movie and took Bryson over to Lola's house for the night. We had a Rave giftcard so we were excited to get to use it. Of course we got there and didn't see anything we liked so we ended up just going to dinner and going home. We still enjoyed ourselves but it was of course very hard to leave Bryson. I'm hoping that it will eventually get easier to drop him off for the night. Then on Tuesday, we got to go babysit Will for a few hours and went swimming afterwards. Here are some pictures from our fun-filled weekend!

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