Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Graduation and Birthday

Well I did it! I am finally done with college, for now. I can't help but feel that I will end up back in college someday but I really hope this is it. I guess I feel this way because I have basically been a college student since I graduated high school 10 years ago! I originally started out at Jeff State in 2000 with all intentions of transferring to the University of South Alabama and majoring in Biomedical Sciences with hopes of becoming a doctor. Well, I was young and stupid and listened to one of my biology professors and changed my mind. He kept talking about how much school it would be and how much money it would cost and since I was only 18, I couldnt see myself being in college for 10+ years. Well, I shouldn't have listened, because I ended up spending that long in college anyway. So after he talked me out of medicine, I thought I would try nursing since it was still in the medical profession and wasn't as much school. I really wanted to be a NICU nurse, but Jeff State's nursing program is ridiculous to get into. Almost 9 years ago, you had to pass a nursing entrance exam in order to get into their program. My test was on September 11, 2001 and was happening while our country was being attacked. I remember getting out of that test thinking I did great but then was so mad when I got in the car and no music was on so I just drove home in silence. But when I got home and turned the tv on, I saw what happened. In the end, I failed the test and I am a bit supersticious so I figured it was a sign that I didn't need to do nursing. The next semester I transferred to Bessemer State and got my "Associates" in Dental Assisting. (yes that is in quotes for a reason). I had followed the school catalog to a T in order to obtain my associates. My last semester I was informed that I would have to take a math class in order to get my associates. Long story short, I got screwed and just graduated with a diploma. So a few years pass and I decide to give nursing a shot again. For some crazy reason, I decided to try Jeff State again. Their qualifications had changed so I knew I had a better shot this time. But guess what, I didn't get in. That school is crazy! Please tell me how a person with all A's and 1 B is not accepted to that program. Oh well, life goes on. I then decided to try Elementary Early Childhood education. I was really excited to get started because I really love working with kids and wanted to have a flexible schedule where I could be off when my children were off of school. I tried to get information from UAB but they wouldn't even talk to about their program unless I paid them an application fee, which I was not going to do. Luckily my friend Megan was enrolled in the Distance Program at the University of Alabama so I started talking with her about it. I decided to do that and get my Bachelors completely online in Early Childhood Education. Well, things didn't go so well while I was pregnant at my job and I really started to question whether or not I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. I decided to change my major over to Human Development and Family Studies. During the Spring semester, I took 4 classes, gave birth, took care of a newborn and still made A's and B's. My final semester, I found out that my advisor had made a mistake and that I would not be able to get my degree in HDFS completely online. I had worked too hard to prolong graduating so I decided to swap to Human Environmental Science just so I could graduate in August. I quit my job, took 5 classes, took care of a new baby and made A's and B's and 1 C. I am so glad to finally be done with that!
My birthday was a few days after graduation, so we decided to invite the Mooneyhan's over to celebrate both since some of them had not had a chance to see Bryson yet. It was nice getting to see family that we have not seen in a while. I wish that I would have taken pictures of that, but I forgot. But here are pictures from graduation.

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