Sunday, December 19, 2010

9 months!

Bryson turned 9 months old on December 1st. He is growing up way too fast. At his well baby check up he weighed a little over 20 pounds and was about 28 inches long, both in the 50th percentile. That surprises me because he seems so much bigger then the other babies in his class at school. He got a few shots and also got his finger pricked to get a blood test done. We never heard back so that means everything was great. After they pricked his finger, the nurse put a piece of cotton and a band aid on his finger and he couldn't quit staring at it. On the way home I think he just stared at his finger the whole way home. Thank God I have one of those mirrors in the backseat for me to see him because one time when I glanced back there, he was chewing on his nasty bloody band aid. Of course I had to immediately pull over and take it from him, which he did not like too much. It was pretty funny though. Here's what sweet baby Bryson is doing at 9 months.

-He takes an 8oz bottle every 4 hours, but is starting to slack off on how much and how often he drinks.
-He is officially fully on table food. No more baby food for this baby, which kinda makes me a little sad. His favorite foods are yogurt and spaghetti. So far he has liked just about everything we have given him, except for green beans and peas (but I can't really blame him for that).
-He still has blue eyes
-We have offered a sippy cup of water, but he shows not interest in it yet.
-He is a super fast crawler. People joke that they have never seen a baby crawl that fast before.
-He loves to cruise on the furniture.
-He is taking steps and should be walking soon. I think he would already be walking but after he takes about 5 or 6 steps, he tries to run and then falls down.
-He loves to dance. Anytime music comes on he stops and starts rocking back and forth. Sometimes he even dances when no music is playing. It's pretty funny.
-He still hates being strapped in his car seat. I have no idea why but it is a battle every time we get in the car, but once we are in there, he is happy.
-He is starting to say real words. He will say the word "ball" when he throws or rolls a ball. He is also saying "mama" a lot more now and will sometimes say "bye".
-He waves bye. It doesn't happen often but when it does, it is so precious.
-He went on his 1st airplane ride and did amazing!
-He celebrated his 1st Thanksgiving and went to NYC for the first time.

I can't believe that it is already time to celebrate his 1st Christmas and then start thinking about his 1st birthday party. I'm not ready for my sweet boy to grow up. We attempted to take his monthly pictures but it's hard to keep Bryson still long enough. At first he was more interested in the band aids on his legs then taking pictures, but we were able to snap a few. Here they are:

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