Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bryson's 1st Birthday Pictures

In February, we took Bryson to Portrait Innovations to have his 1 year pictures made. We also had a few of him and Will taken since we weren't able to during Christmas. Overall the experience was terrible and I will never step foot in that place again. We went to the one at Patton Creek in Hoover and it was the most chaotic, unorganized place I think I have ever been too. We had a 3:00 appointment so I was a bit surprised when we arrived a few minutes early and saw how packed they were. Maybe I'm naive but I thought since we had an appointment at 3 that we would have been taken back at 3. Oh no, apparently they accept walk ins there so I think that's what put them behind. We waited for almost an hour with 2 babies before they called our name to go back. Then while we were getting our pictures taken, these kids kept coming in and trying to get Bryson's balloons and just annoying us. Their parents were no where to be found. The actual photo session time went great. They were pretty quick but could get some awesome pictures. When they were done, we still had to wait almost another hour to even look at our pictures. Needless to say I was very unhappy at this point. I know a ton of people that have used them before and they all just buy the $9.99 package and get a free CD with their pictures on them. Of course I know that legally you aren't supposed to print from them, but everybody does. While we were looking at the pictures, we were never offered the $9.99 package. She told us to chose the pictures we liked by putting 2 pictures on a screen and choosing which one we liked best. It was pretty easy to do that until we got to the cake smash pictures, where they all look almost identical and you can't not have some pictures without the others. I knew it would be that way but we were just going to get the $9.99 package and print/make a collage card from the CD. I know that the employees have to tell us that we can't print from the CD but this lady told us that we could, but the quality would be bad. At this point I was furious and just ready to go. I think after being there for 3 hours, we finally decided what pictures we wanted. I have also been told by friends that have been there that you will get your pictures before you leave. So on the way out we pay and then are told we would have to wait another hour to get our pictures. That's when I just laughed, and walked out. Even though the experience was horrible, we still got some good pictures. Here are some of the favorites. Warning, it's still a ton!

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