Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bryson's 1st Birthday party

We had Bryson's first birthday party the weekend of March 6th. His favorite show (and ours too) is the Backyardigans so we decided to do the party with that theme. The very first episode we watched together was a pirate episode. Of course I love pirate stuff so we did the theme based on that. We had Amy make both cakes and since Pablo is our favorite, Bryson's smash cake was Pablo. We had the party at our house and since our house is small, we just invited our immediate family and a few friends. We had about 25 people crammed into our little house. It amazes me every time we have a party just how many people fit in our house. I think everybody had a great time. Bryson got a ton of gifts, but he won't have another holiday to get toys again until Christmas so while he doesn't play with everything just yet, I know he will soon. Here are some pictures from the party.

 Awesome cake made my Aunt Amy

 Awesome Pablo smash cake also made by Aunt Amy

 Look at all those gifts! He's not spoiled at all, is he?

 Bryson loves animals and blocks

 1st musical instrument

 Opening gifts with daddy

 He loved that little toy from Peter and Kate

 Time for cake!

 He had no idea what was going on while we were singing Happy Birthday to him

 He made less of a mess at his party then he did getting his picutres made.

"My name's Bryson and I'm 1." One of the cutest pictures ever!

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