Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

This year was Bryson's 1st year to really get to enjoy all the fun Easter activities. He could dye Easter eggs,  hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy visiting the Easter Bunny,  and enjoy what the Easter Bunny brought him.Our experience with the Easter Bunny was much better than our experience with Santa. Bryson really seemed to enjoy him.

On Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs. We didn't do this last year since Bryson was just a few weeks old so I was excited to do it this year. Bryson didn't really get it so we did all the dyeing and Bryson just watched, which he loved. We also found out that he really loves boiled eggs. I have no idea how many he ate over the Easter weekend, but he loved them.

The Easter Bunny was very good to him this year, so much that he had to put everything in 2 baskets. The Easter Bunny brought Bryson a new football basket and also reused the basket he brought last year. In one basket he had the new Backyardigans pirate DVD, a Bible story book, some chocolate marshmallow candy and some football eggs. In the second basket he brought more football eggs, an Easter Singamajig (he loves those things), 2 new animal toys, and some more chocolate marshmallow candy. He also brought Bryson his 1st pack of Peeps and some new bath toys. Bryson's reaction to his goodies on Easter morning was priceless. He loved everything. Here he is enjoying his Easter goodies.

This year I was able to find matching ties for Bryson and Robert to wear. I found them on a website called Baby Half Off and the company was called The Matching Tie Guy. They were so cute! I was hoping to have them match completely but we had a really hard time with that. They did end up getting  a lot of complements, especially Bryson. What can I say?, I have the cutest kid ever! We went to church with Robert's family at St. Peter's and even though they have a cry room, Bryson didn't make it long. Thankfully his Aunt Lisa didn't mind taking him for a walk around the church. After church we took a few pictures.

After church we headed to my parents house for Easter lunch and dessert followed by an Easter egg hunt at Aunt Evelyn's house. We attempted to get a picture of Bryson and Will together but of course, that wasn't easy.

And an attempt at a picture with Aunt Evelyn (Granny Goose)

The boys had a lot of fun on their egg hunt. Bryson didn't really know what was going on but he still had fun.

After the egg hunt we headed over to Amy's for dinner and another egg hunt.

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