Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Summer So Far

Today is technically the 1st day of Summer but since we have been in the upper 90's and triple digits for over a month now, I feel like it's been Summer forever. I hate Summer time. It is too hot, there are too many bugs, and nothing is on t.v. I try to take Bryson outside once a day, but sometimes it doesn't happen. We had bought him a pool a few weeks ago but it didn't work like it should have so we returned it and got him a water table instead. The pool was really cool so I'm bummed that it didn't work right. We did snap a few pictures the first and only time he got to play in it.

He's not really all that interested in the water table yet, but I think the more he plays with it, the more he will enjoy it. Of course it's a pirate ship table and there is a fountain in the middle of it. His favorite thing to do is fill the cups up with water and drink from them, not splash in the water like most kids do. Here's a few pictures of him playing with his water table.

We also bought him a bubble lawn mower, but he's not super interested in it. He has played with it a few times though but you have to push really hard to get bubbles to come out.

We have also already been to the pool several times this Summer. Robert's mom's neighborhood has a pool so we have been there a few times. Bryson seems to like it, but not as much as last year. He's not a big fan of his float either. He would rather one of us hold him in the water the whole time. I'm thinking about getting him some floaties or something like that so he can be independent in the pool.

He's so funny in his float because he just kicks his feet the whole time which makes him laugh,which of course, makes us all laugh.
Robert has taken Bryson to Buck Creek several times too. We are fortunate enough to live in a town that has a fun place like this to go. I haven't been with him there yet but Robert says they have a blast. He loves picking up rocks and sticks and also climbing the rocks. I think Bryson is happy anywhere as long as he's outside.

He loves going to the park too but unfortunately our park isn't very shaded. I wish that he would wake up early enough so we could go in the morning. It is just way too hot here to go in the middle of the day. He loves watching the geese and swinging. The last time we went it was early May and actually pretty chilly. We didn't stay very long that day which I think he was ok with since it was so windy.

He kept pointing at all the geese

He loves playing in that little house they have too!

We also love going to the park with Will. They are finally starting to play with each other and it's so much fun to watch.

Thankfully our town has so much for kids to do, now we just have to brave the heat in order to do it. I'm sure there will be a ton more posts like this throughout the Summer since Bryson loves being active and being outside.

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