Monday, July 11, 2011

Mother's Day and Father's Day

I'm a little behind on my posts and since we didn't do much for mother's day or father's day, I'm going to combine them into one post. For mother's day this year, we went very low key. We had dinner with Robert's family at Amy's house on Saturday night then had lunch with my family on Sunday at Cracker Barrel. We knew that the wait would be a while so we were all able to sit around outside in the rocking chairs and my parents got to spend some extra time with the boys. Robert did the same thing he did last year. I woke up to a home cooked breakfast, but no gift, but that's only because it came a few days earlier. I couldn't think of anything else that I wanted except for a new diaper bag/purse. Since we don't carry that much stuff for Bryson anymore, I'm so tired of toting around that massive backpack and just throwing my stuff in it. I found several brands of diaper bags that look more like purses. It was a toss up between a Ju Ju Be and an Oi Oi. Both look just like a purse but with extra pockets like a diaper bag. I found a great deal on an Oi Oi diaper bag from so I decided to go with that one since it was 1/2 price. Since I love the Ju Ju Be products, I added a new wallet from them called the BeThrifty. I love having my own space back again, but my next diaper bag will for sure be a Ju Ju Be. Here's a little picture of what they look like. (It's not the best picture because it was taken from Robert's ipod)

After lunch, I decided to use some of my mother's day money to go buy one of the season's of The Office. We are huge TV on DVD people and so far have the complete series of Lost, Flash Forward and all the seasons available of How I Met Your Mother, ER and several others. So we basically spent the rest of the day being lazy on the couch watching The Office. Bryson loves the theme song and every time it comes on he tries to sing along with it. It is the cutest thing ever!

Father's Day was also pretty laid back. Robert woke up to a home cooked breakfast and his gifts. I made him another calendar like I did last year with pictures of Bryson throughout his 1st year and a big DAD picture with Bryson holding each letter of the word DAD. It turned out really cute. Here's what it looked like.

For lunch, we at at Outback with Robert's family, then came home for a few hours to be lazy before going to eat dinner at my parent's house. Robert really wanted to go swimming with Bryson like he did last year, but since he had an ear infection, we decided it probably wasn't the best idea. It's so hard to believe that this was our 2nd mother's and father's day. We have been so blessed with the best child in the world!

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