Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mother's Day and Father's Day

Mother's Day and Father's Day were both pretty low key this year. For Mother's Day, Robert and Bryson made me a beautiful wreath that I had been eying on Pinterest. I never knew that Robert could be so crafty. We also bought ourselves a new t.v that doubled as a birthday present for Robert. The Buck Creek Festival in Helena always falls on Mother's Day weekend so we headed there Saturday afternoon. They have a ton of food, a lot of neat vendors, live music on the stage and rubber duck race from the waterfall! They started the duck race a little early and there were a ton of people there so we couldn't really see anything but we had a good time anyway. After the Buck Creek Festival, we headed to Lloyd's for dinner with Robert's family then a nice relaxing night at home. On Mother's Day, we were lazy in the morning. I woke up to a wonderful breakfast and was able to enjoy a nice lazy day. We headed to my parents house for dinner with my family. Bryson made the cutest terra cotta pots for my mom and Robert's mom and cute canvas painting for my aunt; all compliments of Pinterest. Here's a few pictures from Mother's Day weekend. (I don't have a picture of the new t.v yet).
 Bryson waiting for the duck race to start.
 Watching the duck race with daddy.
 Bryson was obsessed with the giant rubber duck.
 My mom's gifts from Bryson and Will (I didn't get a picture of my aunt's canvas but it's just like Will's)
 My beautiful wreath!
Bryson's terra cotta pot he made for my mom. 

Father's Day was also pretty low key. We gave Robert his Father's Day gifts that Bryson made him at school on Saturday to start off the weekend. He made him two cards and a cute DAD canvas that I found off of Pinterest. On Sunday, he got his big gift. I bought Robert a Cam Newton Panther's jersey for his birthday so I wanted to get him tickets to one of their games in Charlotte. Tickets went on sale on June 2 through Ticketmaster and it was so hard to get them. I checked the cheapest ones right when they went on sale and 20 minutes later, they were sold out. I kept checking all the other prices and they were sold out too. After about an hour, some seats finally popped up! I went ahead and bought them even though I wasn't too crazy about the seats because I was so worried that they would all be sold out if I didn't get them.  We ended up with ok seats. I'm not too thrilled with them but they were selling out so quick, that I just had to take what I could get. I picked the Panther's vs. the Giants game on September 20. It's a Thursday night game so the tickets and the trip are doubling for an anniversary gift for us too. I am so excited! I have never been to an NFL game before and since Cam Newton has been playing for the Panther's, Robert has said that he wanted to go watch him play in Charlotte. He has his jersey, now I have to find me something to wear to the game too! I thought it would be so cute to dress Bryson up in the jersey holding the tickets, take a picture and then frame the picture and see if Robert noticed the tickets. I had the hardest time getting Bryson to take a good picture and of course I'm an idiot and put the tickets on the back of the frame so Robert saw the tickets before he saw the picture. Oh well, he was still excited. 
Robert wanted to spend the whole day with Bryson so they left bright and early to go hiking at the Preserve with his friends and their kids. Well they decided that they all wanted to go swimming instead so they spent the morning with Steven, Coby and Jeffrey and Chris and his boys. After swimming, and while Bryson was napping, Robert grilled out some amazing sausage that he bought as a gift to himself from the butcher shop that Steven works at. It was amazing and definitely a lot better than what you buy in the store. For dinner, we went right down the street to Golden Rule with my family to celebrate. Bryson made my dad a PAPA canvas just like the one he made at school for Robert. It turned out great! Here are a few pictures from Father's Day weekend. 
 Bryson with the tickets.
 Thank you Pinterest!
 Making Papa's gift.
 Robert with his friends and their kids.
 After dinner at Golden Rule.
Bryson wanted to make a mean face.

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