Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Spring Vacation (Days 4 and 5)

Before we left for the beach, we checked the weather forecast and were so excited because it was supposed to be a rain free week. Well, that didn't happen. Our last full day was mostly rained out. When we woke up and saw the weather forecast, Robert and Bryson headed to the beach early so Bryson could enjoy one final day at the beach and pool before the rain hit. I stayed in and did a little picking up around the condo. About an hour or so later, I headed down and they were already at the pool. It was so windy, cloudy and chilly. We decided to go ahead and call it a day, head in and shower, and go eat lunch at Lulu's. I was hoping we could make it there before the rain hit so Bryson could play but not long after we sat down the rain started. The food there was pretty good. Bryson was too busy to really eat though. After lunch, we were going to go back to the condo but Bryson fell asleep in the car so we decided to just drive around for a little bit so he could get a good nap. We drove through Orange Beach and into Florida. We bought a lottery ticket (which sadly we didn't win) then headed back to Gulf Shores for some ice cream. Bryson woke up just in time. After some yummy ice cream, we headed back to the condo to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. The rain never let up so we decided to go get a quick pizza for dinner then head back to the condo again. After dinner we wanted to go get some cannoli's but the restaurant that normally has them was out. It was kind of sad. When we got back, I started packing because I wanted to get everything loaded in the car before we went to bed that night so we wouldn't be so rushed the next morning.
When we woke up, we were able to take our time leaving the condo since we had packed everything the night before. The sun came out so we walked down to the beach one last time to tell the beach good bye. Bryson kept waving bye bye to the beach and when we headed to the car, he cried because he didn't want to leave. We let him go to the elevator one last time to say good bye to his "worm" friends. Since we got an early start, we stopped for lunch at Lambert's. I had never eaten there before so I had no idea just how much food they gave you. I knew they threw rolls at you but I had no idea that they also walked around and served you other types of food too. Needless to say we had a ton of leftovers. We made great time on the way home and stopped at the peach park to get some peach pies, oranges and boiled peanuts. I wanted to get some peaches but Bryson wanted to get oranges. The peaches didn't look all that good anyway. We made it home before dark and were able to relax. I was so sad to see our vacation end so quickly. Bryson had an amazing time which I was so happy about because I wasn't too sure how much he would like it since he hated the beach last year. Hopefully we will be able to head back to the beach at least one more time before Summer's over, or at least be able to take one more family vacation.

 All cuddled up after the pool. It was really chilly.

 Lunch at Lulu's
 Sleepy boy
 We brought home a little souvenir
 Bye Bye "worms"

"Bye Bye beach. See ya next time!"

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