Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Spring Vacation (Day 3)

By the 3rd day, Bryson was more anxious to get down to the beach sooner. He asked to get on the elevator basically when he crawled out of bed, so we ate a quick breakfast and headed down. This time we remembered his beach toys so he could make a sand castle. He didn't really care to make a sandcastle, he just wanted to dig and throw the sand. If one of us started building a sandcastle, he would knock it right over. After playing in the sand and the ocean, Bryson wanted to look for some seashells. We found a bunch of them. At first I was putting them on my beach towel since we didn't have anything else to put them in, but for some reason, Bryson didn't want them there. He took each one of them off of my towel and put them on his. If I tried to put a seashell on my towel, he would say no and put it back on his. It was hilarious. After the beach, we made a quick trip to the pool while Robert started cooking his lunch. There was a little boy there that had a monkey float and Bryson was obessed with it. The little boy let Bryson play with it and he cried when he had to leave it. When Robert headed out after lunch, he tried to find one, but couldn't so he got Bryson another float like the monkey one, and Bryson loved it. He wanted to buy some shrimp on Sunday when we got down there so he could have his own mini shrimp boil for his birthday but of course they were closed too. He ended up getting him a bunch though and was able to enjoy his birthday lunch on the balcony overlooking the beach while Bryson took a nap. After his nap, we headed down for a quick swim  in the pool before dinner. We decided since we had so many leftovers that we would just stay in for dinner for go get some ice cream for dessert. Of course Bryson loved the ice cream. We let him chose what he wanted and he chose the "happy cake" ice cream. We then headed to all the souvenir shops. We didn't find anything so we headed back to the condo to share some of Robert's birthday cake before heading to bed.

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