Monday, May 7, 2012

Robert's Birthday (Day 2 of our vacation)

We thought the first week in May would be the perfect time to head down to the beach since Spring Break was over and school was still in, and that just so happened to be Robert's birthday week! When we woke up on Monday, we have a wonderful breakfast cooked by the birthday boy, then he got to open his gift on the balcony overlooking the ocean! As you know we are huge Auburn fans and Cam Newton was Robert's favorite player, and now he's one of his favorite NFL players so I got him a Carolina Panthers Cam Newton jersey! (and I might add at a great deal on Amazon). He loved it! We quickly got dressed and headed down to the beach and the pool. After a few hours, we headed in for lunch and for Bryson to take a quick nap. After Bryson's nap, we headed back to the beach and the pool before heading to dinner at The Hangoout. At The Hangout, Robert got a massive seafood plate (that he ended up sharing with Bryson). It was huge! Bryson loved the little oysters. He kept playing with the shells and calling them Mr. Chompy Chomp. We finished dinner in enough time to hit up the outlet mall. Robert was able to find a few things at American Eagle, and an Auburn shirt at the Under Armor store, but other than that, I wasn't too impressed. We headed back to the hotel to relax and watch some t.v with Bryson before putting him to bed. He did great in the big boy bed again and we slept a lot better since he did so well the night before. Here are some pictures from our fabulous second day and Robert's birthday. Happy Birthday Robert!!!!
 Bryson helping daddy open his present

 New Cam Newton Jersey!

 Bryson was ready to go to the beach!

 He loved the pool!

 Checking out the beach

 He loved the ocean

 One of his favorite things to do, throw sand in the ocean!

 Splashing the waves

 Building a sand castle with daddy

 Our view at The Hangout

 Robert's massive seafood platter

Bryson and Mr. Chompy Chomp

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