Tuesday, August 14, 2012

4th of July 2012

This year we decided to stay pretty low key with our 4th of July plans. Robert and Bryson spent the morning swimming. They had so much fun. Bryson is such a water baby. I think he would live in the pool if we would let him. After they were done swimming, I met them over at Steven and Jessica's for a little 4th of July cookout. Bryson enjoyed hanging out with Coby. They always have so much fun together. Steven just got a job working at a great butcher shop so he grilled us all kinds of yummy meat (of course I only tried the hamburgers because I'm way too picky). We debated on going downtown to watch the fireworks but since we were having so much fun there, and the traffic after the fireworks is a nightmare, we decided not to go. I had to work the next day and didn't really feel like getting home super late then having to wake up early the next day. Not only that, but Bryson was so scared of the fireworks last year. I hated to drive all the way down there and him still hate it. Fox 6 does broadcast the fireworks show on t.v so we watched them there. After seeing this years show and how it was set to horrible music, I'm glad we decided to not go. It looks like it would have been a total disappointment in person because we were not impressed with them at all on the t.v. Maybe next year we will do something big for the 4th but it was nice to sleep in and get to be lazy on my off day. Here's a few pictures from our fun, low key day.

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