Sunday, August 19, 2012

Will's 3rd Birthday

It's so hard to believe that it's been 3 years since Will made his early arrival. We were all a little scared and worried since he was born over a month before his due date on July 2, 2009, but 3 years later, you would never know that our little Will was a premie. He is so handsome and so smart and brings a smile to everybody's face. He loves music and will turn any toy he can find into a guitar or a drum. He's our little rock star and when him and Bryson get together, they always give us a little mini concert (usually with Fresh Beat Band songs).
For Will's 3rd birthday theme, Martha wanted to have an art party! She was so excited that her and Robbie had just bought a house with a huge backyard so having an art party was the perfect idea and they had the perfect space for it. She found the idea on Pinterest (which we are obsessed with). We were able to get most of the supplies from Robert's sister Lisa since she's an art teacher. She gave Martha some wood boards to hang on the fence, poster board to hang on the boards and paint. One of the parent's from Martha's class at school works at Starbucks, so she got Martha some Starbucks cups with lids to hold the paint. For party favors, Martha ordered art smocks for the kids and wrote their names on them. She also made edible paintbrushes from Rice Krispie Treats for the kids to take home. Everybody had so much fun! He got a ton of fun gifts! It was so nice to have all of our family there and a friend from school. Bryson and Will love Miss Adelyn so we were so happy that she could make it and have fun with the boys. Happy 3rd Birthday Will!

 Will's cake for our mini family celebration.
 He got embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to him.
 Bryson and Will putting on a concert.
 Will's "3" cupcake cake.
 Cupcake set up with edible paintbrush favors.
 All the kids painting.

 Will didn't want to blow out the candles, so everybody helped.
 Bryson chowing down.

 More art fun!

 Time for presents!

 While Will was opening his presents, Bryson got some alone time with Granny Goose!

 This really made her day because Bryson will never sit still in anybody's lap, especially for a picture.

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