Friday, September 21, 2012

My 30th Birthday

I still cannot believe I am 30 years old!; but I had an awesome birthday with all my wonderful family and friends thanks to my wonderful husband. My day started out with a morning at work. Our school's new school year started the Monday after my birthday, so that Saturday was our work day to get our classrooms prepared for the new school year. I normally hate working on my birthday but I have been dying to get my room cleaned and organized the way that I wanted to, so I didn't mind at all! After work, I was able to enjoy a little time alone being lazy while Robert and Bryson were over at Lisa's house (I thought) helping her move some stuff to her new house. (They were actually getting things ready for my surprise party and buying my awesome gift!) After a little lazy time, it was time to get ready for dinner with my family. We ate at Papa Saia's in Helena. I am so happy that somebody finally bought the old Incahoots building. It's the perfect location for a restaurant/bar. The building is huge and the patio is right next to the waterfall so the view is beautiful. We had planned for Bryson to stay with my parents that night so we could celebrate my birthday. We didn't really plan anything (that I was aware of) so we had decided to go over to Steven and Jessica's to hang out for a bit. We didn't plan on going over there until about 8 so after dinner we ran home for a little bit. (This gave my family and friends time to get to Lisa's house). Once we decided to leave, Robert said we had to run by Lisa's house to get my birthday gift before going to Steven and Jessica's. As soon as we pulled up to Lisa's, I saw all the cars and everybody was standing outside holding balloons! I was so surprised! Nobody has ever thrown me a surprise party before! All of my closest friends were there and Robert somehow even got my parents, with Bryson and Robbie and Martha, with Will there too! We all had so much fun! There was a ton of food, and coffee flavored birthday cake. My gift was a big surprise too. Since we decided to refinance our house and stay here for a few more years, we wanted to do a few things to make the house seem bigger and easier to sell. One of the things we wanted to do was get a TV mounted over the fireplace and get rid of our entertainment center. After we did some pricing, we decided to wait until the end of the month when Robert's first raise took affect. Once I opened the gift, I was so happy to see our new 60 inch TV! Not only that, but he had already paid to have Geek Squad come to our house Labor Day weekend while we were at the beach to mount it for us! It was definitely the best gift I can ever remember getting and the best birthday ever!
 Bryson and Will at my family dinner at Papa Saia's
 My awesome coffee flavored birthday cake
 Bryson helping me blow out the candles

 Opening my new TV!
Crazy picture with some of friends.

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