Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Year Anniversary!

I can't believe that we have already been married for 3 years! It seems like our wedding was so long ago, but then again it also seems just like yesterday. We had a beautiful wedding ceremony where I got almost everything I wanted thanks to my wonderful parents. (of course there would have been more but the stupid lady from Gabrella Manor wouldn't allow some things.) I was also fortunate enough to have my brother, who is an ordained minister, perform the ceremony. This was a great solution since I am Baptist and Robert is Catholic. I had always had my wedding picked out for as long as I can remember. I believe I began chosing what I wanted in the 6th grade! I always wanted yellow dresses and daisies. I got my yellow dresses and for the most part my daisies. My bouquet was not what I asked for at all, but what can you do the day before your wedding. I specifically said no roses anywhere at my wedding and of course, there were roses in my bouquet, my bridesmaids bouquets and a big vase of them at the sign in table. What part of I hate roses did that lady not understand?! Oh well, it was still a pretty bouquet and just as big as I had wanted it. We had a string quartet at our ceremony which is also something that I had always wanted. The original guy we had chosen backed out at the last minute but luckily my mom was able to find another group that was willing to do it and they were great! We also had the perfect cakes. I wanted mine a little traditional but also a little non-traditional. I chose to have each tier a different flavor and shape. I was also determined to have a traditional/non-traditional topper. I think a wedding cake should have the bride and groom on top. Nowadays people use flowers or initials and I just don't like it. But of course I had to be a little non-traditional about it. The best part of the ceremony was the end because we released doves and they were so beautiful! Besides the flowers, I was really upset with the owner of Gabrella not letting us use sparklers when we were leaving. We found a pretty good alternative with some shiny pop streamers that turned out great in our pictures. After we left the reception, we headed to a honeymoon suite that our bridal party had gotten for us. It was a little smaller then I had thought it would be but two of my bridesmaids had it all decorated for us (even though one of them caused me to be an hour late because of it). They also had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us. The next day, we headed to Gatlinburg to stay the week in a cabin in the mountains. It was perfect.
So a lot changes in 3 years. For one, Robert has lost over 100 pounds! and I have unfortunately gained (most of that thanks to Bryson). But the best thing that has happened to us over the past 3 years has been bringing Bryson into this world. I had no idea that it was possible to love somebody the way I love him. Here' s some pictures that I finally scanned of our big day!

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