Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bryson at 10 months!

 Of course, as usual, I am late making this post, but I guess better late then never right? I can't believe that my sweet baby boy is already 10 months old! He is growing up way too fast. It's so hard to believe that we are already planning his 1st birthday party and that Valentine's Day will be his last 1st holiday. I'm so sad that he's growing up because I miss that cuddly baby stage, but the stage he is in right now is so much fun! Here's what Bryson is doing at 10 months:

-He weighs about 22 pounds
-He still wears a size 3 diaper
-He still has blue eyes
-He is no longer eating baby food. He pretty only eats table food and will usually just eat whatever we are eating.
-He's still drinking 8oz every 4 hours, but he rarely ever finishes a bottle. He has even cut out 1 feeding a day.
-He's officially a walker and even tries to run. He began taking steps around Thanksgiving and was pretty much walking at 9 months, but now that he has his new shoes, he's practically running!
-He is saying more words like "ball", "book", "mama", and "uh-oh".
-He still sleeps through the night and usually has to be woken up in the mornings for school.
-He finally cut his 1st tooth on December 17 and now has 2 bottom teeth.
-He loves to snack and his favorite snacks are the baby goldfish.
-His favorite food is spaghetti.
-He is finally interested in reading books.
-He had his 1st white Christmas.

I'm sure there is more that I'm leaving out but it is so hard to remember everything because he is so busy. I think he does something new everyday and everything he does amazes me. Of course we took his 10 month pictures but were only able to get 3 because he just can't be still. He's too busy to stop and take pictures so here are the 3 that we got.

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