Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bryson's 1st Christmas!

We had an amazing Christmas this year! We didn't get our decorations up until the 2nd week in December because I was sick with strep throat and we got a slow start on Christmas shopping but thanks to Bryson, this was the best Christmas ever! We kept our normal traditions this year and will continue to do so as long as it works out with our family. The only difference this year was that we didn't go to church on Christmas Eve. We weren't sure how Bryson would do during an hour long mass so we decided to not go. We went to IHOP for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and Bryson loved the pancakes! Robert got strawberry banana pancakes and I got blueberry. I was so bummed that they didn't have their egg nog pancakes this year because they are amazing! After dinner we went to look at Christmas lights. Of course Bryson fell asleep so he missed them but we did find some pretty ones. After looking at lights, we went home and put Bryson to bed so Santa could come to our house and then me and Robert exchanged gifts.
On Christmas morning Bryson slept until almost 8am! I was so anxious for him to get up and see what Santa brought him and he never sleeps that long. I guess that's something else he inherited from me. My mom said they always had to wake me up on Christmas morning too! When he finally woke up, he went straight for his new Thomas the Train push/riding toy! We were hoping that he would open his gifts but he just wasn't interested. He was more interested in playing with the paper and boxes after the gifts were open. After we were done at our house, we headed to my parents house for Christmas lunch. When we made it to Trussville, it was snowing! I am so happy that Bryson's 1st Christmas was a white Christmas. After lunch and gifts at my parents house, we headed to Aunt Evelyn's house for Christmas dessert. Bryson slept for most of the gift opening. When were done at her house, we headed over to Robert's sister's house to celebrate Christmas with his family. This year we decided to do a game of Dirty Santa with gift cards. It was a lot of fun.
The day after Christmas we were supposed to go to Huntsville for the Mooneyhan Christmas but the weather had other plans. We had to reschedule for the following weekend due to more snow!
Here are some pictures from Bryson's 1st Christmas.

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