Saturday, January 1, 2011

3rd Annual Tacky Christmas Party

For the past 3 years, we have thrown a tacky Christmas party at our house and it is so much fun. Everybody raids the thrift stores for the tackiest Christmas sweater they can find, or in our case this year, raid my mom's closet and make our own. Me and Robert were unsuccessful in finding that perfect tacky sweater so Lisa made Robert one and I found a few old sweaters in my mom's closet. We wanted to top last year's sweater that Robert found, but I think that's impossible. Here's how he looked last year. 

We always play dirty Santa at the party but this year we decided to have a gift theme. We chose board games and alcohol. There were actually more board games given as gifts then we thought there would be. I got the game Last Word. We haven't played it yet but it looks like a lot of fun. Robert got a massive bottle of vodka. Thankfully we kind of have an unwritten rule that if you get alcohol as a gift, you share it. Even after sharing that vodka, the massive bottle was still practically full so we took it to share on New Year's Eve. Here are some pictures from our fun party.

 Pulling numbers for Dirty Santa. I think Robert may have enjoyed it a little too much.

 The boys attempt at their 3rd annual jump picture

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