Friday, April 27, 2012

A-Day 2012

We are huge Auburn fans and couldn't wait until Bryson was old enough to make a trip to Auburn for a football game. Since tickets are pricey, we thought that the A-Day game would be a great chance for Bryson to experience Auburn without us having to spend a ton of money. We had a gift card to pay for the gas, a gift card for dinner (that we ended up not using) and somebody gave us tickets when we got there so we didn't have to pay (even though they were only $5 a piece). So it was definitely a cheap trip. Bryson did great in the car. He napped a little and watched a few shows on the Kindle. We packed the stroller so he wouldn't have to do much walking so he was still in a great mood once we got to the stadium. Even though we took the smaller stroller, it was still bulky so we have decided it's time to invest in an actual umbrella stroller for events like this. We picked seats that were close enough to see what was going on, but not surrounded by a ton of people so Bryson wouldn't be forced to sit still the entire time. He did great and really loved watching Aubie! He had fun climbing up and down the stadium steps and was even a big helper when him and daddy went and got the snacks! He made it a little bit past halftime, but we could tell he was tired of being stuck in one place so we decided to leave a little early so we could take him around the campus. Our first stop was to see the new Heisman statues. They look awesome! Then we stopped by the bookstore to find him a shirt and maybe an Aubie. We didn't like any of their shirts and even though they had an Aubie, we decided to wait until one of the other stores to buy him something. Our next stop was Toomer's Corner. The trees look terrible! It's so sad to see such a great tradition dying because of some ridiculous Bama fan. I know that not all Bama fans are that extreme, but it just makes me hate them even more. We then let Bryson run in the field in front of Samford Hall. He had so much fun chasing the squirrels. Once we finished there, we headed to Tiger Rags and J&M to look for shirts and an Aubie. They had some great shirts for the A-Day game so we got one, but still no Aubie. We couldn't leave Auburn without letting Bryson get his first taste of Toomer's lemonade. He loved it! Our last stop was to Ander's bookstore. Still no real Aubie, but they did have a stuffed tiger with an Auburn jersey. We got it, but were bummed that it wasn't an actual Aubie. We were so disappointed because Aubie was all he talked about all day. We are so glad that we were finally able to take Bryson to Auburn so he could enjoy the place that we both love so much. I'm not sure if he's ready for an actual football game, but football season is still a few months away. Hopefully by then he will be ready. If not, there's always next year! Now I'm so ready for football season to start! WAR EAGLE!!!
 Heading to the stadium
 Our Heisman winners
 Waving to Aubie
 He's not really to sure what's going on
 Helping daddy bring back the snacks
 Enjoying some Auburn football
 He loves him some popcorn
 Trying to find Aubie
 Cam's Heisman statue
 The boys with Cam
 Bo's Heisman statue
 Pat Sullivan's Heisman statue
 Poor Toomer's Oaks

 He loved being able to run

 Bryson's 1st taste of Toomer's Lemonade. I think he liked it!

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