Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter 2012

This year, our Easter weekend was very busy. We swore that we wouldn't take Bryson to see the Galleria Easter Bunny, but Easter weekend snuck up on us, so we didn't have a choice. Since I was off work for Good Friday, we thought that Friday would be a good day to take Bryson to see the Easter bunny. It turned out to be a great time. The line was not long at all! However, it was a terrible experience, again. For some reason they thought it would be a good idea to have the Easter Bunny in the food court next to carousel. That is a horrible location. It was so loud and once Bryson saw Chick-fil-a, all he wanted was french fries. We were 4th in line so we didn't think it would take that long. Boy were we wrong! The lady that was running the Easter Bunny pictures kept taking all the kids, picking them up, getting in their faces, kissing their cheeks and talking to them. Just sit the kid in the Easter Bunny's lap, snap the picture and move on! So when it was our turn, Bryson was fine. He waved at the Easter Bunny and looked really excited to see him. Then the creepy lady picked him up, got in his face (thank God she didn't kiss his cheeks), and made him cry. I was so mad! Her solution was to have him sit in Robert's lap and take the picture. Um, no! Why would we want to be in Bryson's Easter Bunny picture! So the lady tried to take Bryson from Robert, but Robert took him right back. Why would you take a crying child from their parent?! Anyway, Robert sat him in the bunny's lap, they snapped a picture and told us we were done. We didn't even get a chance to try and get a good picture. Bryson wasn't scared of the Easter Bunny, he was scared of that crazy lady! She said that we were done because there other kids in line and they didn't need to see Bryson cry. Has she never seen a kid cry when they visit the Easter Bunny or Santa? Anyway, it was a terrible experience at the Galleria, again. Next time I'm going to plan ahead, even if that means driving all the way to Leeds to go see them at the Redneck Riviera (which I don't want to do). Here is Bryson's Easter Bunny picture for this year!
Saturday was a busy day too. First, me and my mom got up early and went to the kids market consignment sale. We thought we got there early but by the time we got there, the parking lot was packed. I was so bummed because I thought we weren't going to find anything good. The main reason my mom went was to look for a toddler bed for the boys to use at her house. Saturday was 50% off day so some things were half price. The first place we went was to the cribs and beds. They had the cutest Toy Story toddler bed, but the people wanted $75 for the bed, a separate price for the mattress and it was not 50% off. No thanks, that's a little overpriced for a consignment sale. We did find a toddler bed for about $25! I couldn't believe we got such a good deal! We ended up finding a decent about of stuff even though it was the last day and it was so busy. I just wish they did it more often than twice a year.
After the consignment sale, we had to rush back home so we could dye Easter Eggs and get ready for our friends wedding that night. My mom offered to spend the night at our house so we could go have fun at the wedding, and Bryson would still be home for the Easter Bunny. Bryson was more interested in dyeing eggs this year. His favorite color was pink! Hahahahaha! He really did enjoy it though.

We had a lot of fun at Vann and Lindsay's wedding. They got married at the Botanical Gardens and it was so pretty! The reception was there too and the food was amazing. The DJ was the same DJ that all the Marshall's get for their weddings and we always have a wonderful time. Her cake was cupcakes and his cake was old school Aubie and was chocolate with peanut butter. Both were amazing. We had a blast but decided to come straight home afterwards because we had a busy day the next day.

Easter Sunday was busy too! The Easter bunny was very good to Bryson because he was a very good boy. Of course he got candy but the Easter Bunny also brought him Yo Gabba Gabba underwear!

We slept later than I wanted to so we didn't have to time to make Resurection Rolls before church. Oh well, maybe next year. We were rushing to get to church on time, but I don't think it would have mattered. The church was packed! Once again, we were stuck sitting the lobby where we couldn't hear anything. Bryson kept running around and finding all the Jesus pictures and statues and pointing at them saying "Jesus"! I love that he knows who Jesus is.

After church with Robert's family, we headed to my parent's house for lunch. Of course the Easter Bunny stopped at their house too! After lunch, we headed a few streets over to my Aunt's house for dessert and an egg hunt. Bryson and Will were so funny hunting eggs this year since they actually knew was was going on.

Bryson had to be exhausted because his only nap was the drive from Trussville to Pelham, but if he was tired, we had no idea. He had a great time over there!

We had a fun, busy, crazy, exhausting weekend; but we all had a lot of fun.

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