Friday, May 14, 2010

2 Months!

Ok, so I know I'm a little behind, but it's hard to believe that Bryson is already 2 months old! He has grown so much in these past few weeks. Here are some things he has done over this past month:
-At his 2 month visit with the dr he weighed 12 pounds 11.5 ounces which is in the 75th percentile and he is 23.5 inches long which is also in the 75th percentile. His head measured at 15 1/4, but she didn't say the percentile for that, just that it was normal.
-He got 4 shots! Poor baby! It was so hard to watch that, but I know it was the right thing to do. The only reaction that he had was running a low grade fever for 24 hours, but it never seemed to bother him. He acted tired, but never acted like he was in pain. If it wasn't for the fever, I wouldn't have had to give him Tylenol. His fever never went above 100.9.
-He can now roll from his back to his side. You can tell that he wants to roll all the way over, he just can't seem to figure it out yet! When he tries and he can't do it, he gets upset.
-He has started "talking". He coos all the time and says "Ah-gooo" which sounds like he is saying "I'm good"
-He goes to sleep between 9-10 every night, but is no longer sleeping through the night. Sometimes he wakes up at 3, sometimes he will sleep to 5 or 6 (which is sleeping through the night). If he wakes up at 5 or 6, sometimes I put him back in the bed with me on his boppy pillow because I'm just not quite ready to get up. If I am ready to get up, he will usually play on his floor for an hour and then pass out.
-He is grabbing at his toys! When he's on his floor, he is now grabbing onto his toys and swinging them back and forth. He will also not hold onto a lovie, which is great since he won't take a paci! When he gets upset or hungry, he would suck his hands or scratch his hands. Now that he likes to grab onto something, he will pull at the lovie instead of his hands and will also chew on it instead of sucking his hands. I'm still kinda hoping that he will take a paci instead of the thumb since the paci can be taken away and thumb cannot.
-He is still taking a bottle every 3 hours but can sometimes almost make it to 4.
-He loves tummy time! He wiggles so much on his tummy that he will kinda scoot across the mat. It almost looks like he's crawling!
-He loves to be sung to.
-He has finally made eye contact with Will and smiled at him.
-His hair is growing back! It's not quite back to the mowhawk yet, but it's getting there.
-We are beginning to establish some sort of routine. I have learned that if he does not get his afternoon nap, he's a grouch. He likes to be swaddled and rocked to sleep for his afternoon nap. If I do this, he will sleep for 2-3 hours! If we are not home, or there are people over, he usually doesnt get this and will not sleep long. Then we have a fussy, grouchy baby.
-We have started going on once a week walks with one of my former co-workers that had a baby at the end of March. Part of me is kinda hoping she doesnt go back to work either so me and Bryson have a playdate during the week.
Here are Bryson's monthly pictures. The onesie he is wearing is the same one he had on in his 1 month pictures. We bought a pack of size 12 month onesies so we could take his picture in them every month to see how he's growing. However, I dont think it looks like a size 12 month but you can tell a difference since last month.
And here are his pictures of his battlewounds after his shots.

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The 6 W's said...

Aww! He's really cute Amy! Good job on documenting what he's doing! You'll appreciate that later! : )