Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Update!

Ok, so I dont have a ton of time, but I wanted to let everybody know my grades for the semester. When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately decided that I would not take a break from school. I have spent way too much time in college, so I was scared if I took some time off, that I may never go back. The spring semester started in January and ended May 7. I took 4 classes and everybody thought I was crazy! People kept telling me "there is no way you can do that" or "you are going to drive yourself insane" or "I bet you drop out before the semesters over". Well I have news for all of those people, I completed the semester! haha! Not only that but I got good grades (with the exception of 1 that was my fault). I got an A+, a B, a B- and a C. I am so mad at myself about the C because I wrote the last test date down wrong so I didnt get to take it. I even tried to email the teacher and begged her to let me take it and she said no. So I think for missing a test, a C is good, and that's the only assignment I missed the whole semester! So ha to all those people who said I couldnt do it. This coming up semester will be my last. I am taking 5 classes so I can graduate in August. Yes, that's a lot, but if I can take and pass 4 classes in the same semester that I gave birth, I think I can handle this. I will say that I dont think I could do it if I would have went back to work. Thankfully, Robert agreed to let me stay home with Bryson. There was just way too much stress going on at my job. Long story short, I feel like I was pushed out of that place. Not sure why, but as soon as I got pregnant, I started getting treated different. I busted my tail off through my whole pregnancy and got no respect for it. Do you know how hard it is to have a class of 2 and 3 year olds by yourself, much less while pregnant! Thankfully I had an amazing bunch of kids that I miss so much. But the more I kept thinking about going back, the more sick to my stomach I got. For one, my boss was trying to change my hours and if I would have went back with those hours, I would have never had any time to spend with Bryson or Robert. Second, I just couldn't go back after the way I felt I had been treated. I still do not know what I did wrong. Part of me wishes that I did know, but then again, part of me is glad that I don't. Finally, I just couldnt bear the thought of somebody else raising my child. The teachers would get to spend way more time with him than I would and that's not fair to him or me. When Bryson cries, I know what he needs and get to it either right away or shortly after he starts crying. He smiles at me when we play in the floor together. He talks to his Baby Einstein movies. If he cried at school, he may sit there and cry forever before somebody did anything for him and when they did, he wouldnt feel the same love from them as he does from me. Also, they dont really play with the babies in the floor that much at daycare. I am very happy with my decision to stay home. While I am a new stay at home mom, I am also working. I have decided to become a Pampered Chef consultant and I am so excited about this opportunity. I do not know how to cook, or use any of the products, but I am having a lot of fun learning. Me and Robert think this is a great selling point for me. If somebody like me can cook and use these products, then anybody can. I am really hoping I am successful enough at this to stay home with Bryson for at least a year. Then after that, I will continue to sell it to help pay off loans and for us to go on vacations. I am just so happy to have wonderful friends and family who have been willing to help me.
There are so many things I have learned since being a mom. I have definitely learned that people begin to treat you differently. There are way too many people that I dont get to talk to anymore. Partly because I dont have the time or because they dont respond to me. Sometimes it hurts when this happens, but then I look over at Bryson, he flashes that handsome smile, and I think to myself that I would never trade that for anything in the world. I am happier now then I have ever been! I am very thankful for the small group of friends that I do have. It just kinda shows who your true friends are. Me and Bryson have been able to get together once a week with one of my former co-workers and her son to go for a walk. She had her little boy, Luke, just a few weeks after Bryson was born. It's so great to have a friend with a baby so close in age to Bryson.

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